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Social Work Resources: BIPOC Resources for Disabilities

BIPOC Resources for Disabilities

All of the information below can be found in this printable PDF.

BIPOC Resources for Disabilities

Autistic People of Color Fund: A fund for community reparations for autistic People of Color’s interdependence, survival and empowerment.

Black Disability Collective: An online community space dedicated to uplifting and advocating for Black disabled lives.

Disability Art and Culture Project (DACP): This organization furthers the artistic expression of people with both apparent and non-apparent disabilities by supporting creative expression of people with disabilities and supporting established and emerging artists, as well as the community at large, in developing knowledge and expression of disability culture and pride.

The Harriet Tubman Collective: A group of Black deaf & Black disabled organizers, community builders, activists, dreamers, lovers striving for radical inclusion and collective liberation.

HEARD: Volunteer-based organization working to end violence against and incarceration of disabled people going through the justice system.

National Alliance of Multicultural Disabled Advocates: This is a network of organizers across the country who invest in the livelihood and leadership of Black and Brown people with disabilities. Their mission is to increase the representation and success of Black and Brown people with disabilities.

Women for Political Change: A mutual aid fund that prioritizes BIPOC, LGBTQ, sick or disabled, immigrants, the unemployed, survivors of violence, parents or caretakers, and people experiencing homelessness.