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Social Work Resources: BIPOC Mental Health Provider Directories

BIPOC Mental Health Provider Directories

All of the information below can be found in this printable PDF.

BIPOC Mental Health Provider Directories

BIPOC Mental Health Provider Directories

Asian Mental Health Collective Directory: Virtual directory of Asian, Pacific Islander, and South Asian American mental health providers

Behavioral Health Division of the Indian Health Service: Promotes the integration of behavioral health and primary care treatment, while respecting the balance, wellness, and resilience of AI/AN people.

Black Emotional And Mental Health (BEAM) Virtual Therapist Network: Virtual directory of Black wellness providers including mental health therapists

Black Mental Health Alliance Database: Virtual directory of culturally competent and patient-centered licensed mental health professionals for the Black community, offering confidential referrals

Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation Resource Directory: Virtual directory of mental health providers, programs and resource materials for the Black community.

Clinicians of Color Directory: Virtual directory of mental health clinicians with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds

Inclusive Therapists: Virtual directory of culturally competent and social justice-oriented therapists; includes list of therapists currently offering reduced-fee teletherapy.

Innopsych: A directory connecting people to BIPOC therapists.

Latinx Therapy: Virtual directory of mental health providers for Latinx community

Lee Thompson Young Foundation: They focus on mental health education for African American communities.

Live Another Day: A directory of extensive information on mental health and substance use resources for People of Color. Their mission is equal access to life-saving resources.

MANA, A National Latina Organization (MANA): A directory of national grassroots membership organization with chapters, individual members and affiliates across the country.

Melanin & Mental Health Directory: Virtual directory of culturally competent mental health clinicians for Black & Latinx/Hispanic communities

National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association: List of mental health and behavioral service providers for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders across 50 U.S. states

Psychology Today Directory: A directory of African American therapists for states and major cities.

South Asian Mental Health Initiative & Network Provider Directory: Virtual directory of South Asian mental health providers

The Summit Wellness Group- A directory of BIPOC resources curated by women of color, this guide features over 60 different resources.

Therapy for Black Girls Directory: Virtual directory of culturally competent therapy providers for Black women and girls, searchable by location. Fellowships and financial assistance are available through the Loveland Foundation

Therapy for Black Men Directory: Virtual directory of clinicians providing therapy for Black men

Therapy for Latinx: Virtual directory of therapists for the Latinx community



Asian American Health Initiative Resource Library: Library of mental health resources, including accessible stories and videos, available in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Hindi

Black Emotional and Mental Health Toolkit & Resources: Library of interactive handouts, journaling prompts, and social media posts to destigmatize mental illness in the Black community

Sista Afya Resources: Library of mental wellness resources centered on Black women, including strategies for healing, building social support, and finding mental health services