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Social Work Resources: Apps and Podcasts for BIPOC

Apps and Podcasts for BIPOC

All of the information below can be found in this printable PDF.

Apps and Podcasts for BIPOC

Asians Do Therapy Podcast: Conversations with Asian and Asian American therapists and clients.

Black Mental Matters Podcast: Weekly conversations that address mental health disparities in the Black Community to break the stigma.

Black Therapist Podcast: Discussions about unique issues when dealing with mental health care and mental health diagnosis

Fireflies Unite with Kea Podcast: Stories of people thriving with mental illness within communities of color.

Korean American Perspectives Podcast: Council of Korean American series featuring episodes on experiencing burnout and trauma, navigating mental health, practicing self-compassion and more.

Latinx Therapy Podcast: Self-help techniques and cultural competency among providers.

Liberate: Smartphone app for daily meditation designed for the BIPOC community and led by BIPOC teachers (free trial followed by monthly or annual subscription)

MannMukti: Platform with stories and podcast series focusing on South Asians living with mental health issues.

Minding my Black Business Podcast: Series dedicated to the mental health of black entrepreneurs.

Real: An app that offers free therapy services to help people of color cope, including group support series 4 times/week.

The Safe Place: Free smartphone app focused on psychoeducation and self-care for minority mental health, geared towards the Black community

Spora Health Care for BIPOC: Free smartphone app focused on delivering healthcare that is easy to access, culturally conscious and changing the way people of color get well virtually and primary care provider focused.

Therapy for Black Girls Podcast: Weekly chat about mental health, personal development and more for black women and girls.

Wellness in Color Podcast: Series from National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota with the mission to reshape the cultural language about mental illness through stories.