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Career Resources: ESL Help

This guide presents DPL's resources for job-related skills, as well as provides links to job opportunities within the Quad-Cities.

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ESL Help

Looking for more ESL resources than what is shown on this page? The library has many other materials to offer. Feel free to search the library catalog or visit any of the databases listed listed on this page for more information.

Keywords to search

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Local ESL Help

The Quad Cities area offers a number of local ESL resources for residents to take advantage of. Below you will find a list of resources and programs offered in the Quad Cities that offer help.

Mango Languages

  • Mango Languages is a database that the library subscribes to that lets you learn conversational skills in a wide variety of languages. This resource also offers ESL courses for those who know French, Spanish, Vietnamese, as well as ten other languages.
  • You will have to create an account to use this resource, but it is entirely free. You will be prompted to enter your name, email, a password, and your library card number.
  • If you're looking to learn a different language, Mango has many different languages available with specialized courses designed for each.

  • Once you log in, click the Learn English button in the middle of the screen. Here you will see the option for ESL courses for Polish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Bengali, Greek, Russian, Armenian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Arabic speakers, as well as a general foreign language speakers option.
  • After you find the language you speak, you will be directed to Mango conversation classes and Little Pim courses. 

Learning Express Library

  • LearningExpress Library offers help with a wide variety of tests, as well as mastering writing, reading, and speaking skills for a number of different subjects. They also offer a number of classes in Spanish.
  • You have to create an account to use this service. Click Register in the upper right hand corner and enter in all of your information(you don't need your library card) to create your account. This allows you to keep track of your course information and save the progress you are making within each course.

Universal Class

  • Universal Class is a database where you can access hundreds of continuining educations courses that you can do at your own speed.
  • You will have to create an account to use this resource. That account will allow you to keep track of the progress you are makign within each course, check your email, and make your own profile to connect with others.

  • The Test Preparation center offers classes that are tailored to help people who are learning English as a second language.

  • The ESL Online Classes are self-paced and cover grammar, writing, speaking, spelling, punctuation, and other courses. These subjects are also offered at different levels that allow you to pick at which level you are comfortable working.

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