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Video Games: Horror

This guide aims to help gamers of any level of experience to find something new to play.

Horror Games

Originating from horror fiction and film, the horror genre incorporates visual and narrative elements designed to scare the player. Since the genre is largely defined by horror storylines, gameplay styles vary widely within the genre.

Action Horror

Action horror combines the gameplay of action games with visual horror. These games follow linear storylines with a heavy focus on combat.

Survival Horror

Survival horror games are focused on the survival of the player, requiring stealth, puzzle-solving, and management of limited resources. This genre frequently uses environmental horror elements, such as limited visibility, maze-like areas, and jump scares.

Psychological Horror

Psychological horror games utilize emotional or psychological states to frighten players. These games focus on disturbing or unsettling situations rather than monsters or intense action. Psychological horror games may also break the fourth wall and appear to directly affect the player's console for greater effect.