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Video Games: Home

What better way to pass the time on a rainy day than to pull out a video game to play? This guide aims to help gamers of any level of experience to find something new to play that's right for them.

Video Games

The first and most important thing to note when deciding on what video games to play is what console that you own. Davenport Public Library is actively making purchases for Sony's PlayStation 4 (PS4), Microsoft's Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch consoles. DPL has a limited number of PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X (Xbox X) games in the catalog.

Davenport Public Library owns games in the following formats as well:

•PlayStation 2      •PlayStation 3      •Xbox 360      •Wii      •Wii U      •3DS      •DS

Loot Boxes

You might have heard the term "loot boxes" or "surprise mechanics" come up when watching the news recently. Loot boxes are little rewards that use real world money to unlock and offer players with a randomized chance to get in game rewards. There have been legislative pushes around the globe featuring different avenues of attack to deal with regulating these loot boxes and each country is dealing with them differently. In the United States, there has not been any formal legislation yet outside of the proposed bill put forth by Sen. Josh Hawley that would ban loot boxes in games with  "users under the age of 18". The bill relies on player use and does not use ESRB guidelines as a result. Here is a link to read the bill as it was proposed 

Until legislation is passed, patrons should know that loot boxes and features like it do exist in these games and they are designed to be enticing to players of all ages. For more information about loot boxes, here is the ESRB page about "What Parents Need to Know About Loot Boxes (and Other In-Game Purchases)"

Backwards and Forwards Compatibility

What is backwards compatible?
Backwards compatibility refers to a gaming system’s ability to play games made for older consoles of prior generations.

What is forwards compatible?
Forwards compatible refers to a new game that will play on an old console. 

What games can be played on the Xbox X?
Games designed for the Xbox Series X, of course, can be played on the new console. The Xbox X can also play games designed for the Original Xbox, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

What games cannot be played on the Xbox X?
Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games excluded from working on the Xbox X can be found on the Microsoft Xbox support page.

What games can be played on the PlayStation 5?
Games designed for the PlayStation 5, of course, can be played on the new console. PlayStation 5 will also play most games designed for the PlayStation 4.

What games cannot be play on the PlayStation 5?
If you own a PlayStation 5 console, games designed for PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3 will not work on the new console.

What if I want to play a PlayStation 5 game on my PlayStation 4?
Sorry, that is unlikely to work. For example, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a new PlayStation 5 game that can be played only on a PlayStation 5 console.

What about the Nintendo Switch?
You can only play games meant specifically for the Nintendo Switch.

Games to Get You Started

Getting into playing games can seem like a daunting endeavor. With so many options to choose from, and some of those options seeming like something only a die hard gamer who has put thousands of hours into games could finish, picking the right game can seem like a daunting task. Below are some games that are fun and enjoyable for those that have the bare minimum amount of experience with games.

Animal Crossing : New Horizons

Publication Date: 2020

Escape to a deserted island and create your own paradise as you explore, create, and customize in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. Your island getaway has a wealth of natural resources that can be used to craft everything from tools to creature comforts. You can hunt down insects at the crack of dawn, decorate your paradise throughout the day, or enjoy sunset on the beach while fishing in the ocean.


Untitled Goose Game

Publication Date: 2020

A slapstick-stealth-sandbox, where you are a goose let loose on an unsuspecting village. Make your way around town, from peoples' back gardens to the high street shops to the village green, setting up pranks, stealing hats, honking a lot, and generally ruining everyone's day.







Publication date: 2019

Create your world and build whatever you imagine. Explore mountains, living oceans, infinite worlds and amazing creations. 

ESRB Rating

Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is the non-profit, self-regulatory body that assigns ratings for video games so that gamers can make informed decisions about what games they play based on the maturity level of the content within the game. This board was formed as a way to help parents with making sure that they are making informed decisions about what their children play. Every game has the ESRB rating in the bottom right corner of the video game cover. On the back, the ESRB rating gives an exclamation for the rating that is given to further give parents the tools to decide what is right for them and their family.

E for Everybody E ratings mean that this game is suitable for all audiences. There should not be any mature content in games with an E rating.

E 10+ ratings mean that this game is suitable for everyone 10 years old and older. These games may contain more cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, mild language and/or minimal suggestive themes.

T for Teen rating content is generally suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling and/or infrequent use of strong language.

M for Mature is the highest rating that the Davenport Public Library currently collects. Content is generally suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.

For more information on the ESRB rating process, feel free to visit their website at