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Different Types of Comics

This website is broken up into many different sections. Click the headings to find information about each comic publisher or age-appropriate group and the different books that fall into those categories.

The comic/graphic novel types covered on this site are:

-Popular Publishers



-Older Teens/Adults

-Kids/Young Teens

Welcome to Comics for All Ages!

If you’re interested in or curious about or just looking for new comics to read, this website is for you! Whether you like superhero comics, autobiographies, manga, graphic novels, or classic newspaper comic strips, this site has selections of each. Check out ones you are familiar with or even step outside your comfort zone to discover something new!

Here you will find many comics broken up into various different sections with information provided about each comic in terms of citation information, a short summary, terms describing the comics’ visual and textual style, some potential appeal factors/suggestions of potential readers for the comics, awards received by the comic and/or author, and extra little information you may find pertinent and interesting.