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Comics for All Ages: Older Teens/Adults

More Comics with Older Teen Appeal

Older Teens/Adults

Libraries and bookstores often have difficulties shelving graphic novels because their various appeal factors can span age ranges. Take care to look at the different themes and mature content present in each book, as those can be clues about who would enjoy reading them. Knowing readers and what they can handle are important when trying to pair them with books that have older teen and adult appeal.

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Older Teen Appeal

Books in this section can sometimes crossover to both younger readers and older readers.

Examples of comics with older teen appeal are American Born Chinese, Anya’s Ghost, Battling Boy, Calling Dr. Laura, Cursed Pirate Girl, Fables, Friends with Boys, Ghost World, Golem’s Mighty Swing, Grickle, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, Satchel Paige: Striking out Jim Crow, Scott Pilgrim, Skim, Sumo, Super Spy, and Too Cool to Be Forgotten.

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Adult Appeal

The comics that are considered to have adult appeal may have mature themes and content that may turn some readers off. Becoming familiar with the wide variety of books within this section will help with recommending and even reading the books yourself.

Examples of comics with adult appeal are Afterlife with Archie, Asterios Polyp, Black Hole, Essex County, Fatale, From Hell, Habibi, Ice Haven, Jimmy Corrigan, La Perdida, Locke and Key, Love and Rockets, Mind MGMT, The Property, Queen and Country, Saga, Strangers in Paradise, and Troop 142.

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More Comics with Adult Appeal

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More Comics with Adult Appeal