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Career Resources: Tips for the Interview

This guide presents DPL's resources for job-related skills, as well as provides links to job opportunities within the Quad-Cities.

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Interview Tips

You've landed an interview! That means that your cover letter and resume have met the qualifications for the job. Now it's time to prepare for that job interview. Check out the materials gathered together on this page, but first follow these practical interview tips:

  • Practice! Look at lists of frequently asked interview questions and figure out how you would respond to them. If you're still in college, your career center may even offer mock interviews and job fairs. Do mock interviews with your trusted family or friends.
  • Make eye contact and use appropriate language.
  • Be careful of your body language. If you are able, try to videotape yourself to see what your twitchy habits are. If you know you fidget when nervous, have a habit of playing with your jewelry or watch, or play with your hair, consider wearing different clothes or doing your hair a different way in order to set up yourself for success.
  • Dress for the job you want, not necessarily the job you are applying for. Dress for success! Your clothing should be appropriate. Your appearance should be clean and neat. Avoid excessive jewelry and perfume.
  • Turn off your cell phone. Or better yet, leave it in your car. If you must bring it in, make sure to turn it off, so you're not distracted.
  • Be on time. It's always good practice to arrive to your interview early, even if it is just to guarantee that you have time to find a good parking spot and calm your nerves.
  • Research the job, the company, and its competitors. You can either do this online or if you live close to the place to which you are applying, stop in and take a walk around the building. Arriving early to the interview will also allow you to walk around the place to judge the atmosphere.
  • Be polite to everyone you meet.
  • Beware of personal questions. Interviewers, by law, are not allowed to ask questions about your religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, marital status, or disabilities (questions about whether or not you are about to perform specific job functions with or without accomodation may be asked though). You do not have to volunteer that information either.
  • Calm your nerves. Listen to the whole question, take a deep breath, think through your answer, and then answer the question completely.
  • Come to the interview prepared with questions. These can include questions about the job you are interviewing for and the company. 
  • After the interview is over, don't be afraid to send thank you notes or follow up with a phone call.

Finding More Information

If you have a Davenport Library card, you can check out materials from any local Rivershare library. If you are looking for different materials than the ones provided in this guide, visit the library catalog and place a hold on any item you are looking for.

Sample subject headings for career related resources are:



Vocational Guidance

For a specific career, search {job title} AND Careers or {job title} AND "Vocational Guidance.  For example, Accounting AND Careers

To find more books on the Davenport Library shelves or at any of the Rivershare Libraries, you will need the CALL NUMBER.

Books on Resume Writing and Cover Letters can be found under the Call Numbers: 311.11 and 650.14 

Books on Interviewing can be found under the Call Numbers 650.144 and 658.311.

Universal Class

  • Universal Class offers some courses to help you prepare for your interview.
  • You will need to create a free account to access this database. This account will allow you to communicate with your teachers and track the progress you are making in each class.

  • Once you log in, head for the Career Training section as this is where the interview prep information can be found. Here, you can use the search bar up at the top to find information about interview skills classes, career coaching, and business ettiquete and professionalism. Try searching the word "interview" to find these results.

Learning Express Library

  • Learning Express Library offers tips to help you prepare for your interview.
  • You can search the site without needing to create an account, but in order to access and take any of the courses, you will need to create a free account. This account lets you track your progress.

  • Visit the Career Center to find a Career Changer's Manual that discusses many different aspects of the career change process that are necessary to know and understand to help you find a job. This center also provides help with improving your workplace skills.

Books to Help You Get Started