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Career Resources: Resumes & Cover Letters

This guide presents DPL's resources for job-related skills, as well as provides links to job opportunities within the Quad-Cities.

Books to Help You Get Started

Resume & Cover Letter Help

Once you've decided to go after a new job, it's necessary to start building a resume and a cover letter. In case you're overwhelmed about this idea, need some help, or have never put together a cover letter or resume, on this page you can find a wide variety of sources gathered just to help you. In addition to print materials that you can find within the library, Davenport Public Library also has access to a number of databases that you can access both from within the library and from your house. Check out this page for more information.

  • is a database that allows you to connect with interactive online tutors that are qualified to help you with a wide variety of things from test prep, citizenship tests, job help, a wide variety of subject help, and most relevant to this section: resume drop-off with detailed feedback. Make sure to have your library card number handy. You will be prompted to enter in that information when you arrive at the home page. You must also create an account to have your resume reviewed. This allows you to have a place to store your information and lets the tutors know more about you, so that they can more accurately help you.


  • Another positve to is the SkillsCenter Resource Library with a link at the bottom to Career Resources. Here you can find information about open jobs, tips about interviews, and templates for cover letters and resumes. Explore for more information.

Universal Class

  • Universal Class offers many different courses
  • You will need to create an account in order to use this database, but this is completely free. This account allows you to track your progress in each specific class, contact your classmates and teachers, as well as create a profile and see your awards.

  • Help for cover letters and resumes can be found in the Career Training section once you are logged in. Once you click into a section, a search bar appears up at the top. Use that search bar to search for "cover letters" or "resume". Resume Writing 101 is the current course that Universal Class offers.

Books to Help You Get Started