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Library Business Assistance: Books

Business Books at the Library

The Davenport Public Library owns books that can help you with your business. Books are on various topics that can help you at any stage of your business journey.

Visit to search the catalog. You can find most books by searching for the keyword business. However, you can narrow your search to the topic that you are interested in. Terms that you can search for are: management, leadership, entrepreneurship, business model, business plan, franchise, project management, marketing, hiring, taxes, accounting, coaching, mentoring, negotiating, pitch, and profit. These are a few terms that you can use when searching the library catalog for business books.

Need help? Contact the library by calling us at 563-326-7832.


Start Your Own Business


Start Your Own Business: the Only Startup Book You'll Ever Need


"Coached by business experts, practicing business owners, and thriving entrepreneurs, readers uncover what they need to know before taking the plunge, securing finances, launching their venture, and growing their business for the long haul"

Starting a Business All-in-One


Starting a Business All-in-One













"Starting a Business All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition is a treasure trove of useful information for new and would-be business owners. With content compiled from over ten best-selling For Dummies books, this guide will help with every part of starting your own business--from legal considerations to business plans, bookkeeping, and beyond. Whether you want to open a franchise, turn your crafting hobby into a money-maker, or kick off the next megahit startup, everything you need can be found inside this easy-to-use guide. This book covers the foundations of accounting, marketing, hiring, and achieving success in the first year of business in any industry. You'll find toolkits for doing all the paperwork, plus expert tips for how to make it work, even when the going is rough."

Business Plans

Business Plans








Business Plans For Dummies can guide you, as a new or aspiring business owner, through the process of creating a comprehensive, accurate, and useful business plan. In fact, it is just as appropriate for an already up-and running firm that realizes it's now time for a full-bore check-up, to ensure the business is in tip-top shape to meet the challenges of the globalized, digitized, and constantly changing 21st Century. This edition of is fully updated, featuring the most recent practices in the business world. Let us walk you through each step of the planning process. You'll find everything you need in this one book, so you can finally stop googling, close all those browser tabs, and get organized and get going.

Strategic Planning Kit


Strategic Planning Kit








Create a roadmap for your company’s future success—the For Dummies way

Strategic Planning Kit For Dummies not only teaches you how to build a solid business strategy, but it gives you the tools to do it. Checklists, worksheets, and real-life examples guide you through answering your most pressing questions. Plus, all-new online resources make creating a lasting strategy easier than ever. Build a company vision statement, assess your strategic position, engage your team, and execute your plan—with easy-to-understand instructions and explanations that anyone can follow. This revised edition shows you how to adapt your strategy, plan for the unknown, and stay resilient through all the changes facing today’s businesses. Advice from For Dummies experts will make any business leader’s strategic dreams a reality.

  • Learn the basics of how to create a long-term business strategy 
  • Create your mission and vision statements and a strategic framework 
  • Get organized, engage your team, and deploy your strategy through objectives and key results 
  • Access resources, worksheets, checklists and more—in the book and online


Start Your Own Pet Business

Start your own pet business : your step-by-step guide to success








"If you are a pet lover, time to join one of the fastest growing markets and build your business. The multibillion-dollar pet industry offers a world of business opportunities for entrepreneurs like you! From hands-on pet care to specialty pet products like toys, food, and treats, the experts at Entrepreneur cover everything you need to build a successful pet-related business. Providing insider advice, tips, and tricks, along the way. Learn how to target customers, manage clients, and scale your small business effectively."

Start Your Own eBay Business

Start your own eBay business: your step-by-step guide to success








"In your hands is the blueprint for anyone looking to start and run a successful eBay business. Start Your Own eBay Business takes you through the entire process of setting up your store and making it a fantastic success. You'll learn proven, step-by-step techniques for planning, starting, and executing a successful, profitable eBay business."

The Law in Plain English for Small Business

The law (in plain English) for small business








In The Law (in Plain English)® for Small Business, Sixth Edition, Leonard DuBoff guides entrepreneurs and small business owners through the maze of legal obligations and protections they need to understand. Chapters cover important topics such as:

  • Licenses
  • Trademarks
  • Insurance plans
  • Franchising
  • Incorporating
  • Advertising
  • eBusiness considerations
  • Taxes
  • Succession planning

Whether one is just about to open a small business, reassessing an existing business, or simply have a few questions, The Law (in Plain English)® for Small Business, Sixth Edition, is the go-to resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing all-in-one








Develop and refine your comprehensive online marketing plan. With more than 800 content-packed pages, Digital Marketing All-in-One For Dummies is the most comprehensive tool for marketers looking to beef up their online presence. In this edition, you'll learn the latest trends in digital marketing strategies, including brand new insight on how to incorporate artificial intelligence into your marketing plans. You'll also get the latest information on how to manage your customers' experiences, create exceptional marketing content, get help from influencers, and leverage social accounts for more followers and greater profits. With the help of this friendly Dummies guide,you'll accelerate your journey from traditional to digital marketing processes, uncover tips to prove ROI of marketing activities, and increase audience engagement.

Foolproof Hiring

Foolproof hiring: powerful, proven keys to hiring high performers








In their book Foolproof Hiring, business leaders and hiring experts Brad Smart and Chris Mursau give readers an easy-to-follow instruction course in Topgrading. This nationally - known and time-tested hiring methodology has been a proven winner in finding A players for thousands of businesses for more than thirty years. Smart and Mursau distill the key tenets of Topgrading -- a systematic and comprehensive process into simple explanations of the most common hiring problems. Then they offer clear and practical solutions to each problem. Deploying an effective mix of narrative, anecdotes, third-party research and more, the authors bring real-life hiring scenarios into sharp focus while offering a clear path for hiring managers to jump-start their efforts to find and hire more high performers. Any hiring manager not just HR managers can benefit from the tools and processes in Foolproof Hiring. It's your key to streamlining your hiring so that you're seeing fewer but better candidates so you can pack your team with A players. That's a formula that's better for you, your career, and your organization. Why settle for mediocre hiring methods when you can leverage the knowledge and experience of proven results in the world of finding and hiring top talent.

Web3 Marketing

Web3 marketing : a handbook for the next Internet revolution








Web3 Marketing: A Handbook for the Next Internet Revolution is the essential book for anyone looking to understand the next era of the internet and start building. Beyond the sensational hype and headlines around crypto and NFTs, a real revolution is taking place: new technologies for owning, moving, and organizing value spell the overdue end of an internet where a few huge companies hoard data and power, and open a new frontier for products, services, and applications in which ownership and control belongs to creators, builders, and users.

As former CMO of ConsenSys then Founder and CEO of top web3 marketing firm Serotonin—Amanda Cassatt is in a unique position to tell this story, and delivers a remarkably clear, nontechnical guide to the history, key concepts, and still-evolving landscape of Web3. Cassatt explains how Web3 transforms time-tested approaches to marketing and brand-building, including how to build a Web3 community. This book is a must-read for professionals at any level in their Web3 careers—already working or investing in Web3, exploring what it means for their business, or considering a jump into something new—and for anyone who wants to understand the next internet revolution.

The Leap to Leader

The leap to leader : how ambitious managers make the jump to leadership








"The chasm separating managers from leaders is widening, because the responsibilities of leaders, and the skills required to be effective in the role, are growing in number and complexity. But you are ambitious. You want to cross that chasm. And your organization needs you to cross it in order to build its bench of leaders who will lead with empathy and humanity and ground the organization's strategies in a broader sense of mission and purpose. The Leap to Leader is your trusted playbook for making the biggest jump of your career. Foregrounded by compelling stories of those who've made the leap, this book describes what it takes to become a confident leader. Successful CEOs and other C-suite leaders share their strategies and tactics for building a loyal following, winning promotions without asking for them, developing a legacy by helping others make the leap to leader, and much more. Written by Adam Bryant, creator and former author of the iconic Corner Office column in the New York Times, now managing director at The ExCo Group, The Leap to Leader draws on his work with hundreds of fast-rising executives and shares the leadership-development frameworks, tools, and approaches that have helped these leaders succeed. The leap to leader doesn't have to be a leap of faith. If you're ready to make the jump, start here"

Next Level Negotiating

Next-level negotiating








"Whether you're negotiating a salary, a deal with a supplier, or a flexible work arrangement, you need to prepare. From knowing your ideal outcome to thinking through acceptable alternatives to considering the other person's perspective, advance planning can significantly increase your confidence, engagement in the process, and results. But it's not just practical details, numbers, and strategies-advocating for yourself, your team, and your business can feel personal, too, so you also need to manage the emotions that arise during the process. Shake off the bleak research about women and negotiation, and clarify and communicate who you are and what you need in your business and in your relationships to increase your odds of a positive outcome. Thoughtful preparation can help you enter any negotiation with curiosity, creativity, and a willingness to collaborate-all the essentials to seal a deal successfully. This book will inspire you to: set a clear outcome; explore and examine acceptable alternatives; consider your counterpart's perspective; manage your emotions; overcome stumbling blocks; discover collaborative solutions; and strike a deal that works for you"

Leading Through Disruption

Leading through disruption : a changemaker's guide to twenty-first century leadership








"In Leading Through Disruption, Andrew Liveris provides a new leadership paradigm for resilience and agility in a rapidly changing world. This book is a must-read guide for leaders in various sectors who are keen on not only ensuring current success, but protecting the planet's future for everyone. Liveris, who was recently chosen to lead the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Organizing Committee and is former Chairman and CEO of The Dow Chemical Company, presents a variety of powerful tools that will enable you to tackle any problem quickly and responsively, with an eye to creating a more equitable, sustainable future."

Manager's Guide to HR

The Manager's Guide to HR: Hiring, Firing, Performance Evaluations, Documentation, Benefits, and Everything Else You Need to Know








Managing people is a tricky business—and managers and small business owners need a clear understanding of the essentials of human resources to survive.

The original edition of The Manager’s Guide to HR gives you an introduction to the regulations, rights, and responsibilities related to hiring and firing, benefits, compensation, documentation, performance evaluations, training, and more. However, much has changed since then.

Extensively revised, this second edition covers all the key areas of the original edition and brings you up to speed on current developments in employment law, including:

  • How social media is changing the recruitment landscape
  • Shifting labor standards regarding compensation and benefits
  • The National Labor Relations Board’s stance on work-related employee speech on social media
  • The Employee Retirement Income Security Act
  • New record-keeping requirements
  • Amendments to the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Featuring step-by-step guidance on everything from COBRA compliance to privacy issues, The Manager’s Guide to HR is now once again the most up-to-date, invaluable resource any manager of personnel could have.

Power to the Middle

Power to the Middle: Why Managers Hold the Keys to the Future of Work








"'Middle manager' The term evokes a bygone industrial era in which managers functioned like cogs in a vast machine and bureaucracy ruled. In recent decades, midlevel managers became a favorite target for the chopping block-underappreciated, often considered a superfluous layer of the organization. This view is so widespread that it has seeped into the identity of the managers themselves. Not only does this outdated perspective need to change, the future demands it. In Power to the Middle, McKinsey thought leaders Bill Schaninger, Bryan Hancock, and Emily Field call for a profound reimagining of what middle managers can and must be able to do. They explain how middle managers are uniquely positioned close to the ground but with a crucial connection to company strategy-enabling them to guide organizations through the current period of rapid and complex change, as well as help to shape the new world of work. The authors compellingly articulate this profound shift in the workplace, showing how: As the war for talent escalates, managers are an organization's first line of defense, requiring strong people skills to attract and retain the best talent; middle managers possess the granular knowledge and perspective necessary to lead the realignments resulting from digital disruption; managers must shift from merely enforcing rules to challenging them, serving as the critical stopgap for rules that are ineffective or obsolete; and crucially, good managers must not be promoted out of their jobs; instead, their title and compensation should reflect their high value and allow them to advance within their roles. With rich stories and cutting-edge research, Power to the Middle offers a new model for companies to radically alter the way they hire, train, and reward their most valuable asset: managers, the true center of the organization"

Retention Revolution

The Retention Revolution : 7 surprising (and very human!) ways to keep employees connected to your company








Build a business with relationships at the center, and you will seize the competitive edge in today’s volatile job/or talent market

People are quitting their jobs in droves, then coming back. Employees are demanding flexibility, while some leaders insist they return to the physical office. Remote work is incredibly convenient but complicated. The job market is always in flux, but one thing is for sure: the last few years have presented the greatest challenges the business world has ever faced. Don’t freak out. If you accept the new reality and harness the incredible power of healthy, authentic relationships, you can seize the competitive edge in this new world of work.

In The Retention Revolution, Keswin makes the case for completely rethinking the nature of work, workers, and workplaces. Rather than view a workforce as a talent pool filled with loyal company employees, you should look at it as a constantly flowing river of dynamic, robust human beings, where people come and go—and often come back. Keswin walks you through this reframing process and replaces seven old ideas that don’t serve anyone anymore with powerful new concepts that drive organizational success


Launch: How to Sell Almost Anything Online, Build a Business You Love, and Live the Life of Your Dreams







The revised and updated edition of the #1 New York Times bestseller Launch will build your business—fast. Whether you've already got an online business or you're itching to start one, this is a recipe for getting more traction and a fast start.

Think about it: What if you could launch like Apple or the big Hollywood studios? What if your prospects eagerly counted down the days until they could buy your product? And you could do it no matter how humble your business or budget?

Since 1996, Jeff Walker has been creating hugely successful online launches. After bootstrapping his first Internet business from his basement, he quickly developed a process for launching new products and businesses with unprecedented success. And once he started teaching his formula to other entrepreneurs, the results were simply breathtaking. Tiny, home-based businesses started doing launches that brought in tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars. Whether you have an existing business or you're starting from scratch, this is how you start fast. This formula is how you engineer massive success.

Now the question is this: Do you want to start slow, and fade away from there? Or are you ready for a launch that will change the future of your business and your life?

Multigenerational Workplace

Multigenerational Workplace

"Seize the benefits of the five-generation workforce. Generational distrust and ageism are seeping into organizations worldwide. Differences over communication style, technology preferences, identity, and politics are fueling harmful stereotypes and hurting team performance. It doesn't need to be this way. Smart leaders are harnessing age diversity and encouraging mutual learning, cross-generational collaboration, and a culture that embraces both similarities and differences across age groups. Multigenerational Workplace: The Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review will help you bridge divides, reduce prejudice, and unlock the benefits of age-diverse teams"

How to Hire

How to hire: the essential guide to recruit and retain the right people

Hiring has never been more challenging. There are fewer qualified applicants with more employers competing for them. And most business owners are stuck trying to figure this out on their own. Most books on hiring are written for HR professionals.The strategies and processes described in this book are proven. Clint Smith has worked closely with hundreds of business owners to develop them. This playbook is the foundation for his company's hiring software, which is used by over 17,000 companies to hire over 100,000 people per year. Visit for more information.

Best Boss Ever

Best Boss Ever: An Insider's Guide to Modern People Management

Effectively Managing Teams takes an enormous amount of diligence and hard work, especially so for new managers who often have little guidance. KD is here to help. Packed with dozens of tools and cheat sheets, Best Boss Ever will help managers and aspiring managers navigate the most important conversations they will have with their employees and grow them to their full potential. Read Best Boss Ever for a proven guide to managing others but stay for the laughs and pop culture references along the way.

Listen to Sell

Listen to Sell: How Your Mindset, Skillset, and Human Connections Unlock Sales Performance

Sales success begins with yourself. You can't sell without listening to your customers--and yourself. In Listen to Sell, sales coaches Mike Esterday and Derek Roberts draw on their decades of industry experience to reveal the conversations, mindset, and skillset needed to 

amplify your sales confidence and bring purpose back to your customer relationships. As executives at the Nashville-based Integrity Solutions, Esterday and Roberts have crafted a proprietary sales coaching program that has helped clients in 130 countries and multiple industries, from financial services to manufacturing to healthcare. Their unique sales philosophy is rooted in a values-based, customer-centered approach, where authentic business relationships matter above all else. With self-analysis exercises and customized strategies, you'll learn how your mindset--which encompasses your attitude, what you believe about yourself, and the confidence you have to succeed--is the foundation of top sales performance. You'll then learn how to hone your skillset--the daily tools and tactics that make or break sales--by creating a personal sales plan and taking action in your immediate environment and beyond. In addition to real-world success stories demonstrating the concepts' practical application, each chapter ends with a Coaching Corner segment that supports your growth. If you're a sales executive, manager, or rep who has hit a plateau or who just doesn't think they're cut out for sales, this book is your breakthrough.

Relentless Caring

Relentless Caring: If You Don't Give a Damn, Don't Expect Anyone Else to

By delivering kindness every day at all levels of your organization and to all your customers, you will earn dedicated employees and repeat customers—and, ultimately, profitability.

This step-by-step guide details an approach to leadership focused on caring about the well-being of others.

As founder and executive chairman of MarineMax and with kindness as his True North, William H. McGill Jr. helped transform the company from a small disparate group of boat dealers into a highly profitable $2 billion global conglomerate. 

In Relentless Caring, McGill shares what he’s learned about how to truly care about others 24/7 and generate solid profits at the same time. Readers will learn:

  • Why having the right people in the right jobs matters
  • How to find the right team members and take care of them and their families, including providing high-quality, low-cost health care
  • Why long-term thinking is essential for success
  • Why persistence, consistency, and risk are essential for growth
  • Why investing in basic tools like personality profiling and a structured hiring and promotions system contribute to making the right decisions

Relentless Caring is a practical playbook for “managing from the heart”—tirelessly delivering goodness and kindness to your team members and to customers to build strong loyalties that can buoy your organization even in the most challenging economic waters.

Scaling Altruism

Scaling Altruism: A Proven Pathway for Accelerating Nonprofit Growth and Impact

A hands-on toolkit for ambitious nonprofit leaders seeking to grow their organization's impact

In Scaling Altruism: A Proven Pathway for Accelerating Nonprofit Growth and Impact, veteran social impact advisor and entrepreneur Donald Summers delivers a comprehensive, step-by-step blueprint to transforming small or mid-size nonprofit into an impactful and extraordinary agent of change. The book contains templates, tools, exercises, and crystal-clear implementation guides that readers can apply immediately to begin scaling their social impact organization.

Offering actionable insights that have enabled many of today's most exciting social change efforts, the author provides practical guidance on how to turn your nonprofit into a social-problem-solving machine. You'll also find:

  • Specific strategies to improve cash flow and funding to your nonprofit, including revenue tools and staff integration 
  • An Investment and Partnership Scorecard, detailing the health of your fundraising efforts 
  • Leadership best practices for dealing with disruptive people at a nonprofit

An invaluable resource for managers and directors at small- to medium-sized nonprofits, Scaling Altruism is also perfect for funders and graduate students aspiring to work in the nonprofit space.

The Non-obvious Guide to Public Relations & Communication

The Non-obvious Guide to Public Relations & Communication: Earning Attention & Building Trust in a Skeptical World

A candid, engaging, and refreshingly straightforward guide to deconstructing and effectively implementing public relations for companies of any size.

More than a century after it entered the business lexicon, the brand –and market –building potential of PR is still barely tapped into. Why? Because if business leaders don’t understand, at a fundamental level, how PR contributes to the bottom line, they’re unlikely to invest in it.

In this guide, award-winning PR strategist and teacher ShonaliBurke sets the record straight about the power of PR, showing you how –when done right –it is by far the most effective way to build trust with your audiences and, as a result, transform your brand’s position, thought leadership, and market share.

The NOG to Public Relations & Communication

A candid, engaging, and refreshingly straightforward guide to deconstructing and effectively implementing one of the most powerful yet misunderstood management functions of the modern age: public relations.

More than a century after it entered the business lexicon, the brand – and market – building potential of PR is still barely tapped into. Why? Because if business leaders don’t understand, at a fundamental level, how PR contributes to the bottom line, they’re unlikely to invest in it.

In this guide, award-winning PR strategist and teacher Shonali Burke sets the record straight about the power of PR, showing you how – when done right – it is by far the most effective way to build trust with your audiences and, as a result, transform your brand’s position, thought leadership, and market share.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to connect PR to business goals from the get-go
  • How to write a PR strategy that makes business sense
  • How to humanize your business by telling data-driven stories
  • What The 7C Social PR Framework™ is and how to use it
  • How to identify and work with influencers who matter… including the media, and
  • How to measure PR, so you can truly capture its value

Shonali channels her 20+ years’ experience working with some of the most beloved brands in the world into this guide, which is extensively illustrated with anecdotes and use cases from a wide range of industry and business leaders. Whether you’re a new professional or seasoned leader, this guide will become your trusted roadmap to developing and implementing your winning PR strategy.

Business Statistics for Dummies

Business Statistics for Dummies

Make some headway in the notoriously tough subject of business statistics

Business Statistics For Dummies helps you understand the core concepts and principles of business statistics, and how they relate to the business world. This book tracks to a typical introductory course offered at the undergraduate, so you know you’ll find all the content you need to pass your class and get your degree. You’ll get an introduction to statistical problems and processes common to the world of global business and economics. Written in clear and simple language, Business Statistics For Dummies gives you an introduction to probability, sampling techniques and distributions, and drawing conclusions from data. You’ll also discover how to use charts and graphs to visualize the most important properties of a data set.

  • Grasp the core concepts, principles, and methods of business statistics 
  • Learn tricky concepts with simplified explanations and illustrative graphs 
  • See how statistics applies in the real world, thanks to concrete examples 
  • Read charts and graphs for a better understanding of how businesses operate

Business Statistics For Dummies is a lifesaver for students studying business at the college level. This guide is also useful for business professionals looking for a desk reference on this complicated topic.

The Practice of Philanthropy: A Guide for Foundation Boards and Staff

The Practice of Philanthropy: A Guide for Foundation Boards and Staff

This book describes the unique challenge of running a foundation. With practical insights and wisdom gleaned from years of experience, Malcolm Macleod explores the crucial elements required for impact, from building strong relationships with non-profits to getting the most out of a governing board to managing an endowment. Skillfully weaving powerful stories of impact that remind us why this work, it's a comprehensive resource for foundation leaders

This essential book:

  • Shows readers both the principles of grant-making, and how to put them into practice to make more effective grants. 
  • Shows readers how to master the practice of philanthropy so they will be able to recruit and engage an excellent board, achieve superior investment returns, and make impactful grants. 
  • Gives readers an inside view of how foundations work and how to run them in a way that maximizes the impact of the grants.


"Here is a book (finally!) that speaks comprehensively and powerfully to the unique challenge of running a foundation. With practical insights and wisdom gleaned from years of experience, Malcolm Macleod explores the crucial elements required for impact, from building strong relationships with non-profits to getting the most out of a governing board to managing an endowment. Skillfully weaving powerful stories of impact that remind us why this work matters with practical insights and tips for those who find themselves leading foundations, Macleod's book is the most comprehensive resource for foundation leaders I have seen. Every foundation CEO, aspiring CEO, and board member needs this book."
- Phil Buchanan, president of the Center for Effective Philanthropy and author of Giving Done Right: Effective Philanthropy and Making Every Dollar Count

Start your own retail business and more

Start your own retail business and more : brick-and-mortar, online, mail order, kiosk








"Entrepreneurs interested in opening a retail business find the tools, tips, and practical advice needed to plan for and open a successful retail store. Readers receive an overview of the market and are guided through the steps of planning and managing a store with the help of valuable, real-world examples from successful retail owners. From the traditional brick-and-mortar to the online-only stores, the experts of Entrepreneur offer an insider's look at creating a stable, cost-effective, and profitable business with long-term growth. Readers learn how to: pick the right retail outfit for their products or services (brick-and-mortar vs. online-only shops); analyze the market, assess the competition, and evaluate consumer demand; choose a location, design a retail space, and find the necessary floor and back-end equipment; assess startup costs, develop a business plan, find the right suppliers, and manage inventory; hire the right team and manage customer service; calculate the competitive advantage with pricing strategies and marketing that maximize profits, and calculate discounts that take profit loss into consideration; capitalize on emerging consumer trends like Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram; create synergy between brick-and-mortar and online components; set store policies: hours, credit, customer service, security, and day-to-day operations"

Business Model Generation

Business model generation : a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers

Business Model Generation is a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers striving to defy outmoded business models and design tomorrow's enterprises. If your organization needs to adapt to harsh new realities, but you don't yet have a strategy that will get you out in front of your competitors, you need Business Model Generation.

Co-created by 470 "Business Model Canvas" practitioners from 45 countries, the book features a beautiful, highly visual, 4-color design that takes powerful strategic ideas and tools, and makes them easy to implement in your organization. It explains the most common Business Model patterns, based on concepts from leading business thinkers, and helps you reinterpret them for your own context. You will learn how to systematically understand, design, and implement a game-changing business model--or analyze and renovate an old one. Along the way, you'll understand at a much deeper level your customers, distribution channels, partners, revenue streams, costs, and your core value proposition.

Business Model Generation features practical innovation techniques used today by leading consultants and companies worldwide, including 3M, Ericsson, Capgemini, Deloitte, and others. Designed for doers, it is for those ready to abandon outmoded thinking and embrace new models of value creation: for executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, and leaders of all organizations. If you're ready to change the rules, you belong to "the business model generation!"

Disciplined Entrepreneurship

Disciplined Entrepreneurship Expanded & Updated: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup

An expanded & updated version of the award winning & bestselling one-stop entrepreneurial book used by hundreds of schools globally that has helped create or make better hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs

Disciplined Entrepreneurship Expanded and Updated starts by combining the timeless and insightful principles of Disciplined Entrepreneurship with the practical tools found in the Disciplined Entrepreneurship Workbook into a single, comprehensive package. The book also has been updated with recent developments in the field and examples as well as a robust new library of additional resources. Author, entrepreneur, professor, and Managing Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, Bill Aulet systematically walks readers through exactly how to create a successful startup. This book presents a detailed, sequential—but not linear—integrated and proven 24-step framework that any entrepreneur can apply immediately to improve their chances of entrepreneurial success. Readers will also find:

  • The number-one process reason that new ventures fail 
  • Entrepreneurship is not an art, but rather a craft that can be learned 
  • How the best idea or product is no assurance at all that you will win—there is much more

Perfect for aspiring founders and entrepreneurs within existing organizations, Disciplined Entrepreneurship Expanded & Updated is also an invaluable resource for anyone who has already begun their entrepreneurial journey and needs practical, hands-on tools to help them take their business to the next level.

The Franchisee Handbook


The franchisee handbook: everything you need to know about buying a franchise








"In The Franchisee Handbook, franchise expert Mark Siebert walks you through the process of vetting and buying a franchise, helps you ask the right questions of franchisors and yourself, and gives you the resources you need to decide if franchising is right for you. Siebert shows you how to do your homework before making what could be the greatest financial decision of your life. You will learn how to: accurately assess the risks of buying a franchise, determine if a frachise is a good fit for your personal goals, research and vet potential franchise opportunities, create a startup plan that meets your business goals, [and] prepare your franchise for success." 

Elevator Pitch

Entrepreneur voices on elevator pitches








Whether you're facing funding sharks or angel investors, we've got the keys to crafting that perfect pitch to help you secure the funds you need to launch your startup, build your business, and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams. In this new edition of the Entrepreneur Voices series, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and experts from both sides of the board roam present the game-winning strategies and deal-closing tactics you need to succeed.

Start Your Own Consulting Business

Start your own consulting business: your step-by-step guide to success








Start Your Own Consulting Business, Fifth Edition is a how-to guide for people who wish to use their unique skill sets to start a consulting business. With new and revised chapters, consulting and coaching expert Terry Rice presents his tested, repeatable framework for creating a steady stream of referrals and securing a client base

Start Your Own Food Truck Business

Start your own food truck business: cart, trailer, kiosk, standard and gourmet trucks, mobile catering








Food trucks started off as a trendy way to experience new and twists on old favorite meals and have now expanded into a $996 million business. Culinary entrepreneurs are taking to the streets and meeting their customers wherever they are. IBISWorld estimates that the food truck industry will see continued growth and is expected to be a $1.1 billion industry by 2022. This revised edition will cover the rise of mobile, high-end food; the farm to truck movement; running your truck business and daily operations; and much more.

Project Management

Project Management








In these days when projects seem to be bigger and more challenging than ever before, you need to make sure tasks stay on track, meet the budget, and keep everyone in the loop. Enter Project Management For Dummies. This friendly guide starts with the basics of project management and walks you through the different aspects of leading a project to a successful finish. After you've navigated your way through a couple of projects, you'll have the confidence to tackle even bigger (and more important) projects!In addition to explaining how to manage projects in a remote work environment, the book offers advice on identifying the right delivery approach, using social media in project management, and deploying agile project management

Marketing for Dummies

Marketing for dummies








Pump up your business with the latest, greatest marketing techniques

This updated edition of Marketing for Dummies will walk you through the latest marketing technologies and methods, including customer experience, retargeting, digital engagement across all channels and devices, organic and paid SEO, Google ads, social media campaigns and posts, influencer and content marketing, and so much more. You’ll discover what works, what doesn’t, and what is best for your business and budget.

  • Learn the marketing and sales strategies that work in any economy 
  • Discover how to engage customers with trust and enthusiasm 
  • Understand post-pandemic changes in consumer attitudes 
  • Discover new tools and technologies for finding customers and inspiring loyalty 
  • Adapt your brand, pricing, and sales approach to make your business more valuable 
  • Avoid common marketing mistakes and learn how to measure the impact of your efforts


In a post-pandemic, up or down economy, it’s harder than ever to meet highly complex and ever-changing customer expectations. The top-selling Marketing For Dummies covers basics like sales strategy, channel selection and development, pricing, and advertising. We also teach you complex elements like personalization, customer behavior, purchasing trends, ESG ratings, and market influences. With this complete guide, you can build a business that not only competes in a challenging market, but wins.

For small to mid-size business owners and marketing professionals, Marketing For Dummies lets you harness the latest ideas to drive traffic, boost sales, and move your business forward.

Accounting all-in-one

Accounting all-in-one








A complete and easy-to-follow resource covering every critical step of the accounting process

Learning to love the language of business is easier than you think! In the newly revised Third Edition of Accounting All-In-One For Dummies with Online Practice, finance expert Michael Taillard walks you through every step of the accounting process, from setting up your accounting system to auditing and detecting financial irregularities.

You’ll enjoy a unified compilation of mini-books and online practice and video resources that bring together everything you need to know about accounting into one convenient book and web portal. You’ll learn to record accounting transactions, adjust and close entries, prepare income statements and balance sheets, and more. You’ll also get:

  • Online instructional videos that describe the modern reality of accounting in the digital age 
  • Guidance and instruction on how to make savvy financial decisions to help guide your business in the right direction 
  • Advice on how to handle case and make intelligent purchasing decisions 
  • Helpful practice quizzes for each topic to help you crunch the numbers

Perfect for anyone who’s just beginning their career or education in accounting—as well as those who just love numbers—Accounting All-in-One For Dummies is also a must-read for business owners, founders, and managers who want to get a better understanding of the financial side of commerce.

The Ultimate LinkedIn Messaging

The ultimate LinkedIn messaging guide : how to use written, audio, video, and In Mail messages to start more conversations and increase sales








"LinkedIn is a powerful tool for selling...Here is the reality for many salespeople, recruiters and businesses out there, your prospects and customers are using LinkedIn, some are using it every single day. There are so many ways that you can use LinkedIn to sell, and in this book, you will learn how one single well-crafted LinkedIn message helped land a deal worth over ℗Đ1,000,000. Not only that but Daniel also shows you 25 tried, tested and proven LinkedIn message templates as well. There are also several BONUS chapters including showing you how to build an effective LinkedIn profile and generate results from just 15 minutes per day with Social Selling. Daniel Disney is one of the world's leading LinkedIn and Social Selling experts. Daniel has generated ℗Đmillions in revenue from LinkedIn, has built an audience of over 100,000 followers on LinkedIn and has content reaching millions of people every single month. If you, your team or your business are looking to use LinkedIn to sell, Daniel is the man to bring in"

Good Habits

Good Habits








Improve the way you work—and feel—by forming better habits.

We all have habits. Some of them we've carefully established; others we may have simply fallen into. Some help us get our work done; others hold us back.

This book explores how to change your behavior to break counterproductive tendencies, combat everyday stressors, and ultimately reach your goals at work and in life.

This volume includes the work of:

  • James Clear
  • Rasmus Hougaard
  • Jacqueline Carter
  • Whitney Johnson

Great Meetings Build Great Teams

Great Meetings Build Great Teams








Want happier, more successful project teams?

Better-run meetings will help get you there. Project leaders are “get it done” people, so we often dislike, avoid, and/or fail to properly plan meetings. This practical guide to facilitating project meetings and building cohesive teams will enable you to make your sessions more productive!

You’ll learn:


  • How improving traditional PM meetings and Agile events can greatly improve continuous team building, making you a better project leader
  • Overcoming challenges in managing conflict based on real-world stories from your fellow project leaders
  • How to deal with ‘goblins’ (e.g., Billy the Bully) who often derail your meetings.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Entrepreneurial Leadership: The Art of Launching New Ventures, Inspiring Others, and Running Stuff











Make a lasting impact by launching new initiatives, inspiring others, and championing innovative approaches with this from-the-trenches guide by trusted executive mentor, entrepreneur, and leadership expert Joel Peterson.

Many leaders see their roles as presidents/managers, with a primary focus on keeping results consistent with past performance and on budget. These kinds of leaders make important contributions but rarely leave a mark on the businesses they serve.

For those wanting to make a lasting impact, new skills are required. Joel Peterson calls these higher-level leaders “entrepreneurial leaders,” and they create durable enterprises that deliver on their promise.

After three careers and demanding roles as CFO, CEO, chairman, lead director, adjunct professor, founder, author, entrepreneur and investor, Joel Peterson is often sought as a mentor and coach by leaders and aspiring leaders. He has worked with all types of leaders and considers the entrepreneurial leader to be the highest level of influence.

In Entrepreneurial Leadership, Peterson lays out a path to achieving this summit with a series of leadership maps organized around the four essential basecamps:

  1. Establishing Trust
  2. Creating a Sense of Mission
  3. Building a Cohesive Team
  4. Executing and Delivering Results

These core philosophies, while easy to summarize, can be extremely difficult to implement.

This book of maps and mindsets is aimed at those who hope to lead others, help them achieve their best, break new barriers, change the status quo, create a legacy, develop a brand, and enjoy a life-altering experience.

A-Z of Business

The A-Z of Business Bullshit: The World’s Most Comprehensive Dictionary of Corporate Gobbledygook and Nonsense








Wherever you work, the chances are you have fallen under the poisonous spell of business bullshit and jargon. Very few of us seem able to avoid “reaching out”, or “walk the talk”, or “pivoting”, or “think outside the box”.  No longer solely the province of management consultants, investors and MBA types, business gobbledygook has mesmerized the rank and file around the globe. 


Help is at hand with this handy dictionary, aptly described as “the world’s most comprehensive” of the top 1,200 business jargon and nonsensical terms that have infected us all. Stay sane (and keep your colleagues, manager and customers from suffocating you) from the business bullshit madness by having this dictionary by your side. Based on his wide and extensive experience with business bullshit, Kevin Duncan deciphers the terms and language of modern-day business speak to save us all from going stir-crazy!

Hit It Off

Hit it off 21 rules for mastering the art and science of relationships in life and business








Have you ever wondered why some people seem to naturally hit it off with others? Are you impressed with how they?re able to transform that positive first impression into a relationship that helps them achieve their goals in life or business? Would you like to deepen your relationships with the people who are important to you in your life? Use the 21 Rules to hit it off with people from the moment you meet them. Walk into a new situation with anyone and fit right in, establish rapport, and be perceived as nice and fun, and a person of integrity?someone who can be trusted with business and friendship. As you continue to get to know people, use the 21 Rules to cultivate unique relationships for a lifetime

From Data to Profit

From data to profit: how businesses leverage data to grow their top & bottom lines








Entrepreneur and AI strategist Vineet Vashishta delivers an engaging and insightful new take on making the most of data, artificial intelligence, and technology at your company. You'll learn to change the culture, strategy, structure, and operational framework of your company to take full advantage of disruptive advances in tech. Explore fascinating work being undertaken by firms in the real world, as well as high-value use cases and innovative projects and products made possible by realigning organizational frameworks using the capabilities of new technologies.




Everyone deserves to feel a sense of respect and belonging. And we all want our coworkers to feel safe, heard, and free to be their authentic selves at work. But being an inclusive colleague doesn't always come naturally.

This book will teach you how to be more empathetic, accepting, and socially aware, so you can create a more inclusive work environment—starting with yourself.

Language That Leads

Language That Leads: Communication Strategies That Inspire and Engage

Inspire and motivate your team using powerful verbal and nonverbal communication strategies. Today's leaders need to use effective, empathetic communication to bring out the best in their team members and let each individual shine. Kasia Wezowski, a leading researcher on body language and communication skills, combines her cutting-edge research with Marshall Goldsmith's leadership development methodology in this practical and timely resource for leaders. Goldsmith believes that a leader's job is to bring out the best in each team member and Language That Leads breaks down the ten core qualities of leadership, providing easy-to-follow implementation steps to express, observe, and project these qualities effectively through verbal and nonverbal communication.

The 12-week MBA

The 12-week MBA : learn the skills you need to lead in business today


Getting an MBA takes time and money, making it inaccessible to many people who want to take charge in the business world. Now "The 12-Week MBA" offers an alternative way to learn business essentials, focusing on the skills and knowledge required to succeed as a manager and business leader. "The 12-Week MBA"'s unique premise is that there is a core set of business skills that entrepreneurs and future leaders of organizations can learn and will need regardless of their industry, function, or level. Those core skills-value creation, people skills, and decision-making-can be learned in less time and at lower cost than in a traditional two-year MBA, where the typical content becomes obsolete by the time students have graduated. Authors Bjorn Billhardt and Nathan Kracklauer, leaders of Abilitie, a leadership development provider, have customized and honed their virtual 12-week MBA course over the last 20 years. Now they bring you the key lessons from this curriculum in an accessible, engaging guide

Lead with Influence

Lead With Influence: A Proven Process to Lead Without Authority

Positive influence (without authority) is the superpower that most people never learn to use at work.

Millions of subject-matter experts, functional leaders, requirements gatherers, and problem solvers have opportunities to influence every day. Instead, too often they merely respond to requests and take orders from their stakeholders. By not exercising their unknown superpower, they miss opportunities to break down silos, improve collaboration, and accelerate the best decisions for the organization.

Organizations desperately need more positive leadership and influence to innovate, solve big challenges and develop healthy culture. If more people could discover how to use their superpower, they’d not only drive impact, but they would elevate their own perceived self-worth, leading to higher engagement and better mental and emotional wellbeing.

What do people do instead of using their untapped superpower?

When attempting to influence without much leverage, most people employ logical arguments and repeated pressure. They build a rational case and keep asking.

But that rarely works. Facts, arguments and pressure don’t work well trying to influence social/emotional creatures.

As Dale Carnegie said, “When dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity.”

This book is designed to help people discover the most impactful approach to influencing without authority, coercion, manipulation or force. It is a practical guide to influence that builds trust and relationships. It provides clear patterns and mental models, grounded in neuroscience, for communicating in a way that generates engagement, buy-in and cooperation.

Anyone trying to influence without using “leverage” or “control” will benefit from this book. It’s especially suited for influencing in today’s fast-paced organizations where so many people have the ability to influence change, even if they don’t have the biggest title or the most political capital.

Other books on leadership, influence and trust, offer broad strategies, theories and truisms, but this book provides something more practical and applicable:

  • Proven mental models and communication patterns that can be utilized in nearly every communication. 
  • It’s based on Dale Carnegie Training’s over 10-years of workshop, laboratory, and field testing with thousands of professionals across the world in multiple cultures and languages, from small organizations to large multi-national, from non-profit to for-profit, from government to the private sector.
  • It provides hands on structure and guidance for things like what to write in an email, how to ask the best question in a conversation to unlock new thinking, how to explain a controversial idea, and how to communicate when someone pushes back on you.

If you want to learn to utilize your superpower of influence, you have to figure out how to. It's not self-help, it’s how-to.

Better and Better

Better and Better: Creating a Culture of Purpose, Excellence, and Transformative Human Engagement

Green Mountain Coffee founder Bob Stiller delivers the timeless leadership approach he pioneered in the 1990s to help you increase engagement, retention, and revenue

Decades before the business world discovered the power of authentic staff engagement, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters cofounder Bob Stiller was busy creating a company with a mission to build an engaged workforce focused on innovation. In the end, Green Mountain became a place where people realized they could make a difference, where their input mattered, where they were rewarded fairly, and where they can gro. It became a place workers feel good about.  A community.  A happy place that got better and better.  

And business results followed. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters went public, moved to selling wholesale exclusively, invested in Keurig, and became one of the few coffee companies to ever reach $1 billion in sales. It became one of the top-performing stocks of the 1990s on the Nasdaq exchange, and from 1995 to 2015, its stock had a 70 percent compounded annual rate of growth. 

In Better and Better, Stiller explains how he did it, from donating five percent pretax net income to environmental and social causes, with employees collectively deciding how donations would be used; to paying employees to volunteer in their own communities; to providing much-needed loans to small farms. 

With Better and Better, you’ll learn how to use optimism, self-awareness, and kindness to build an inclusive and cherished workplace culture.

Run It Like A Business

Run It Like a Business: Strategies for Arts Organizations to Increase Audiences, Remain Relevant, and Multiply Money--without Losing the Art

TEDx speaker Aubrey Bergauer—“the Steve Jobs of classical music”—reveals how to run a successful arts business in the post-pandemic era, adapting for-profit methods for not-for-profit goals.

In the US alone, the arts are a $763 billion sector whose 100,000+ organizations serve almost every community in the nation. There’s no reason arts organizations should struggle to make ends meet. And now, with arts-tested strategies from Aubrey Bergauer, they won’t. This foolproof guide shows how to reach new levels of engagement—while always putting art first.

Running your arts organization like a business is your path forward to:

  • Grow audiences and keep them coming back again
  • Make our organizations more inclusive
  • Get younger attendees in the seats and on the donor rolls
  • Generate millions more dollars in revenue
  • Continue to create the art we love—without the stress of figuring out how to afford it

Just because arts organizations are non-profits doesn’t mean they shouldn’t make money; it means the money they make goes back to fund the mission—whether that’s music, visual arts, theatre, dance, or one of many other mediums that enrich our lives.

The for-profit world knows how to achieve success across customer engagement, user experience, company culture, the subscription economy, technology and media, new revenue streams, and brand relevance. Run It Like a Business provides a powerful, proven framework to help all arts organizations revitalize their economic engines and ultimately serve the arts and its patrons.


Lift Off: 12 Things to Know Before Selling Your Business

Lift Off: 12 Things to Know Before Selling Your Business

Regardless of how big your company is, where you are located, or what industry you’re in, it is essentially a “machine” that takes in revenue and, when working properly, throws off profits. But is the machine you’ve built valuable to someone else? No matter how much planning you’ve already done or haven’t done, there are probably aspects of preparing your company for sale, and going through the M&A journey, that you’re unaware of. That’s to be expected; you’re likely not an MBA from Harvard with decades of M&A experience. This will be your one big M&A transaction and you need to get it right. This book will help you understand what you need to do and how you need to do it, so you can successfully sell your business and move on to the next stage of your life!

All In: How Great Leaders Build Unstoppable Teams

All In: How Great Leaders Build Unstoppable Teams

The bestselling author of Profit First shows you how to build unstoppable teams where everyone wins.

It’s never been harder building successful teams. With challenges of work-from-anywhere, flex-schedule and generational divides, business leaders bend over backwards searching for solutions that work. They’ve tried everything from food perks and ping pong tables to endless team-building exercises and training—but nothing sticks.

Now, in his long-awaited book for leaders at all levels, bestselling author Mike Michalowicz reveals his proven formula to build an unstoppable team for any work environment:

All In shows readers how to:

  • Recruit the right talent
  • Transform struggling employees into superstars
  • Match individual abilities to client and company needs
  • Elevate your company to where every employee cares as much as an owner

You want a thriving workforce that shines and sticks around. One that takes full responsibility for their work and outcomes. A community of employees who love your organization and are invested in its growth. With All In you will discover how to build a team where everyone flourishes–including you.



Seamless : successful B2B marketing, selling, and account management

A unique guidebook to B2B marketing and sales for practicing and aspiring managers. In SEAMLESS: Successful B2B Marketing, Selling, and Account Management, the authors and 20 successful businesspeople share their practical experience and the valuable lessons they learned at the sharp end of branding, selling and marketing. This unique guide has expert opinion, academic theory, research, and practical advice, summarized with explanatory graphics and "Dos and Don'ts" lists throughout. Essential for students of business and the managers of any size or type of firm, it will educate and guide you through the marketing, sales and account management process to business success. Concise yet comprehensive, SEAMLESS delivers immediate benefit to aspiring and practicing managers.

Starting & Building a Nonprofit: A Practical Guide

Starting & Building a Nonprofit: A Practical Guide

Starting & Building a Nonprofit explains in detail how to start a nonprofit that’s both effective and sustainable and can continue doing good work even if the founders move on. It’s written for people who are passionate about a cause but who might not know the first thing about the legal structure of nonprofits or how to manage them. It explains from A to Z how to organize people, money, and resources legally and strategically, in line with the unique rules governing nonprofit organizations in the United States.


Start your own restaurant business and more

Start your own restaurant business and more : startup : pizzeria, coffeehouse, deli, bakery, catering business








There's plenty of room for more food businesses, but for a successful restaurant startup you need more than just good recipes. You also need to know about planning, capitalization, inventory control, and payroll management. The staff of Entrepreneur has put together everything you need to know to start, run, and grow the successful restaurant or food service of your dreams.

Write Your Business Plan

Write Your Business Plan: a step-by-step guide to build your business






Write Your Business Plan, 2nd Edition is the essential guide that leads you through the most critical startup step next to committing to your business vision—writing your business plan. 

Whether you’re just starting out or already running a business, to successfully build a company, you need a plan. One that lays out your product, your strategy, your market, your team, and your opportunity. It is the blueprint for your business. The experts at Entrepreneur and Eric Butow will show you how to create it. 

You’ll learn how to: 


  • Create the right plan for your needs
  • Attract investors and secure funding
  • Manage risk and grow your business
  • Set winnable goals and objectives
  • Maximize your time and resources










Entrepreneurship For Dummies is the essential guide to becoming your own boss and a successful entrepreneur. We make it simple to learn every step of the process. Identify an opportunity, learn your customers' needs, test your product, protect your intellectual property, secure funding, and get ready for that all-important launch. In classic Dummies style, this book is packed with practical information and useful advice, all in a fun and easy-to-follow format. Take fear out of the entrepreneurship equation and build the confidence you need to make your fantastic business idea take flight. Get up to date on the latest lingo, new ideas for raising money, and the latest ways to do business in the digital age. Understand the process of starting a business, from beginning to end. Complete the necessary planning and meet legal requirements, without the headache. Get expert tips and tricks on funding your idea and bringing your product or service to market. Build the foundation you need to keep your business thriving and growing. Entrepreneurship For Dummies supports you as you travel along the road to success.

Disciplined Entrepreneurship Startup Tactics

Disciplined Entrepreneurship Startup Tactics: 15 Tactics to Turn Your Business Plan into a Business

A hands-on, practical roadmap to get from great idea to successful company

In Disciplined Entrepreneurship: Startup Tactics, renowned entrepreneur and Executive Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship Paul Cheek delivers an actionable field guide to transforming your one great idea into a functional, funded, and staffed startup. Building on the ideas presented in the bestselling Disciplined Entrepreneurship, the author delivers a startlingly complete and comprehensive set of solutions you can implement immediately to advance your company to its next stage of growth.

This is not a theoretical book. You’ll find ground-level, down-and-dirty entrepreneurial tactics—like how to conduct advanced primary market research, market and sell to your first customers, and take a scrappy approach to building your first products—that keep your firm growing. These tactics maximize your impact with limited resources. You’ll also discover:

  • Effective marketing tactics specific to early startups that go beyond cookie-cutter digital MarTech solutions 
  • Tactics for designing and testing your product concepts yourself before investing limited resources in developing a fully functional product 
  • Methods for equity distribution that minimize conflict and maximize investor return

An invaluable resource for founders and entrepreneurs, Disciplined Entrepreneurship: Startup Tactics will also benefit any professional working at an early-stage startup or launching new products looking for concrete solutions to the most common and difficult problems faced by young companies and the people who work in them.

Value Proposition Design

Value proposition design: how to create products and services customers want







"The book will help you understand the patterns of great value propositions, get closer to customers, and avoid wasting time with ideas that won't work. You'll learn the simple but comprehensive process of designing and testing value propositions, taking the guesswork out of creating products and services that perfectly match customers' needs and desires. Practical exercises, illustrations, and tools help you immediately improve your product, service, or new business idea. In addition, the book gives you exclusive access to an online companion on"

Starting an Etsy business

Starting an Etsy business








Build your own successful online business—the Dummies way

Etsy is the premiere online marketplace for distinctive handmade and vintage crafts and goods. Starting an Etsy Business For Dummies, Fourth Edition provides you with the information and tools you need to start selling successfully on Etsy. This comprehensive resource and guide will show you how easy it is to set up shop and start generating income. There are millions of people out there looking to purchase unique products, and more and more shoppers are opting for one-of-a-kind sources over big-box stores. There’s never been a better time to open your own Etsy shop, and there’s never been an easier way than with this book. This updated edition covers all the latest changes to the site, plus shows you how to take captivating photos and short-form videos of your products, write appealing descriptions, and set up your Etsy shop in a way that motivates buyers to click that “add to cart" button. With helpful information, tips, tools, and tricks, this book is your ultimate guide to building your own Etsy shop.

  • Learn the ins and outs of running a successful Etsy shop 
  • Get tips and advice for marketing and pricing your products competitively 
  • Break through the new shop barrier and start showing up in search results 
  • Improve your sales on Etsy with expert info on finding your customers

This book is great for small business owners, artists, and entrepreneurs looking to build an online craft business on the Etsy platform.

How to Grow Your Small Business

How to grow your small business: a 6-step plan to help your business take off








For so many entrepreneurs, running a small business ended up looking different than they imagined. They’re stressed, discouraged, and not confident in their plan for growth. In How to Grow Your Small Business, Donald Miller gives entrepreneurs a 6-step plan to grow their businesses so they produce dependable, predictable results.

Using the exact steps you’ll learn in this book, Donald Miller grew his small business from four employees working out of a basement to a 15 million dollar operation, increasing revenue sixfold in just six years. As Miller grew his own business from the ground up, he realized nobody had put together a simple, step-by-step playbook for growing a business. That book didn’t exist. Until now.

In this book, you’ll learn the 6 steps to grow a successful small business and create a playbook to implement them- your Flight Plan. When you have a completed Flight Plan in hand, you can stop drowning in the details and spend more time doing the things you truly love- in your business and your life.

In How to Grow Your Small Business, you’ll learn how to:

  • Cast a vision for your company that includes three economic priorities
  • Clarify your marketing message
  • Install a sales framework that makes your customers the hero
  • Optimize your product offering
  • Run a management and productivity playbook that aligns your entire team.
  • Use 5 checking accounts to manage your cash flow

If you’re ready to experience freedom, flexibility, and growth for your business, How to Grow Your Small Business is the book you’ve been waiting for.

Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit management all-in-one








Learn the ins-and-outs of managing, funding, and handling the accounting for a nonprofit Nonprofits are not like other businesses. They're special. It doesn't matter if you're launching a career as part of a multi-million dollar organization or a volunteer running your local little league, you'll need special know-how to navigate the accounting practices and funding needs of a not-for-profit.

The Naming Book

The naming book: 5 steps to creating brand and product names that sell









Advertising and marketing masters from Ogilvy to Godin have proven the value of words when it comes to building a brand, attracting an audience, and making a sale. In our increasingly crowded and noisy world, a name is the foundation of every product, brand, or business—and it needs to stand out.

In The Naming Book, Bullhorn Creative founder and partner Brad Flowers presents a clear framework for crafting and choosing the name that sticks. With a five-step blueprint that takes you from brainstorming to trademarking, this book is the ultimate guidebook to naming anything. You’ll learn how to:

  • Set clear goals for your name and brand before you start
  • Craft a brainstorming list based on your business mission
  • Build a brand unique to you by creating your own word
  • Find the balance between “cool” and clear
  • Narrow down your list of names with five easy tests

Small Business Taxes

Small business taxes








Get your taxes right the first time and save $

If you run a small business, you’ve likely got more work than you already feel able to handle. The last thing you need is to be running around trying to figure out your taxes at the last minute. So, if you need a hands-on guide to small business taxes that doesn’t mess around, look no further than Small Business Taxes For Dummies.

In this book, nationally recognized personal finance expert Eric Tyson clearly and concisely delivers the best methods to save on your taxes and make the process as easy as possible. You’ll get the latest info about all the newest tax deductions and credits (including COVID-19-related breaks), as well as location-specific incentives and other little-known tips.

You’ll also find:

  • Expanded discussions of new retirement account options for small business owners 
  • The latest advice on how to deal with online and software tax prep and filing options to make life easier at tax time 
  • Explorations of likely new changes coming

A can’t-miss resource for small business owners, managers, and employees, Small Business Taxes For Dummies is the book to help you make sure you don’t pay more than you need to pay at tax time!

Skyrocket Your Business

Skyrocket your business with social media branding : personalize, increase, and grow demand for your brand








The P.A.I.D. Equation guides you on how to start and build your brand and business. Through social media branding and selling digital products, you can scale your business to be extremely lucrative--let's get started!

The Manager's Handbook

The manager's handbook : five simple steps to build a team, stay focused, make better decisions, and crush your competition








"An actionable strategy guide for busy professionals who want to level up their management game . In this book Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty member, serial entrepreneur, and investor in over 100 companies, David Dodson, delivers an insightful work that describes, in highly practical detail, five skills every great manager needs to know if they want to get things done. Managers desperately want a crisp, how-to book that will show them--in one single title--the way to master the most important skills necessary to run an organization. The manager's handbook organizes the five essential skills of effective implementation into one, simple-to-read, easy-to-use, book, an essential playbook for managers, executives, board members, and other business leaders interested in dramatically improving their ability to lead people and inspire loyalty."

The Employer's Legal Handbook

The employer's legal handbook










This book is a comprehensive guide to the major legal issues facing employers, whether their workforce is on-site or remote. In Nolo’s trademark plain-English style, this bestseller cuts through the legalese to provide all the information business owners and managers need to know to avoid legal problems and treat employees fairly. 

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring








"Inspire people to perform at their best in any workplace environment. Coaching & Mentoring For Dummies is the playbook to help supervisors change their role from doer/manager to coach/mentor. Leadership and coaching expert Leo MacLeod, shares the secrets of motivating employees to find purpose in their work and grow as independent problem solvers--without micromanaging them. Written for today's changing workplace, the book provides guidance on leading diverse teams, working with younger generations and working remotely. Business is built on relationships, especially in today's global economy. Coaching and mentoring are more important than ever. This readable guide provides you with the skills to strengthen connections and pass on useful knowledge that will help teams elevate their productivity and quality of work. Gain or improve the coaching skills that drive employee performance and commitment in diverse workforces; Encourage colleagues to deliver results and guide employees to think for themselves; Motivate teams both in person and virtually, and navigate intergenerational issues; Be a sounding board for others and get the best out of your teams; Foster mentoring relationships that help employees grow and stay engaged in their careers. This is the perfect Dummies guide for anyone who wants to learn the best practices of coaching and mentorship in today's diverse, digital world"


The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship

The ultimate guide to great mentorship : 13 roles to making a true impact








"Being a great mentor leads to thriving, engaged employees on both sides of the mentor-mentee relationship and helps drive renewed purpose. There are growing expectations and interest in business today that leaders will make themselves available as mentors to provide future leaders growth opportunities and help them grow in their roles. There is also plenty of evidence that shows how impactful mentorship can be for the mentors when approached with the right mindset."

AMA Business Boot Camp

AMA Business Boot Camp: Management and Leadership Fundamentals That Will See You Successfully Through Your Career








This authoritative guidebook serves as a comprehensive introduction or refresher to the wide variety of capabilities displayed by the most exceptional managers and leaders. From motivational techniques to strategic thinking, communication to hiring and firing, this book covers the core business fundamentals you must develop to thrive in any organization


Building a Pro-Black World

Building a Pro-Black World: Moving Beyond DE&I Work and Creating Spaces for Black People to Thrive








Learn to create a nonprofit organization and society in which Black people can thrive

In Building A Pro-Black World: A Guide To Creating True Equity in The Workplace and In Life, a team of dedicated nonprofit leaders delivers a timely roadmap to building pro-Black nonprofit organizations. Refreshingly moving the conversation beyond stale DEI cliches, editors Cyndi Suarez and the NPQ staff have included works from leading racial justice voices that show you how to create an environment—and society—in which Black people can thrive. You’ll also learn how building such a world will benefit all of society, from the most marginalized to the least.

The book explains how to shift from simply critiquing white supremacist culture and calling out anti-Blackness to actively designing for pro-Blackness. It offers you:


  • Incisive and engaging work from leading voices in racial justice, Cyndi Suarez, Dax-Devlon Ross, Liz Derias, Kad Smith, and Isabelle Moses
  • Explorations of topics ranging from restorative leadership strategies for staff wellbeing to Black politics and policymaking
  • Discussions of new language for pro-Black social change, racial equity in healthcare and health communications, and antiracist succession planning

A can’t-miss resource for civil society and nonprofit leaders, including directors, executives, grant makers, philanthropic donors, and social movement leaders, Building Pro-Black World will also benefit communicators, organizers, and consultants who work with nonprofit organizations.

Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business: Scale Your Business for Long-Term Success

Grow Your Business will provide you with all the tools and blueprints you need to take your business from startup to scale-up. You?ve sown the seeds, it?s time for the fruits of your labor to start producing! With Grow Your Business, Eric Butow and the experts at Entrepreneur give you insider knowledge and step-by-step guides to develop your growth plan and ensure your business thrives for the long-haul. With personal anecdotes, tried-and-true tips of the trade, and detailed blueprints to build out your company the right way, Grow Your Business details every step necessary for successful expansion. Learn the strategies to position your mindset for growth, set up proper management systems for smoother transitions and efficiency, and create multiple revenue streams by identifying the sales funnels and verticals that are right for your unique enterprise.

HBR Guide to Executing Your Strategy

HBR Guide to Executing Your Strategy

"Even the best competitive strategies mean nothing if they can't be executed. Yet many organizations struggle when they move from defining a strategy to implementing it. Somehow, all the careful planning falls to the side, and leaders are left wondering how to pick up the pieces. The HBR Guide to Executing Your Strategy is here to help. This book offers leaders and managers tips and advice for how to take even the most detailed strategy and apply it throughout their organizations. You'll learn how to get employees on board with a new strategy; communicate plans effectively; identify milestones for progress toward objectives; eliminate initiatives that no longer contribute; overcome naysayers and resistance; avoid execution traps; and adjust course where necessary"

The Tiger and the Rabbit

The Tiger and the Rabbit: A Fable of Harnessing the Power of the Metaverse, Web3, and Ai for Business Success

The internet was created to bring us together. But somewhere along the way, that vision was lost. We handed over our data to centralized figures, allowed big tech to thrive off our creations, and accepted our place in a system that is seemingly out of our control. However, in the far corners of the internet, a new story is being written. The authors are not big tech. No. The authors are you and me. Some of the learnings will center around Web3, NFT and the Metaverse. Let this be your on-ramp to the future of the digital world. This is a business fable about a brand which is struggling to figure out how to improve their customer experience. The technical and marketing teams need to work together to present solutions to the board who has asked for use cases with new technologies like web3 and metaverses to achieve their goals. The newly appointed Chief Growth Officer, Victoria McSay, recognizes the potential of the new approaches, technology and the concept of community to help them experience and understand the customer emPOWERowerment of the new internet

Conquer the Chaos

Conquer the Chaos: The 6 Keys to Success for Entrepreneurs

Make your small business work for you with this expert guide on entrepreneurship

In the newly revised second edition of Conquer the Chaos, celebrated author and CEO of Keap, a world-leading provider of marketing automation software for small business, Clate Mask, delivers yet another incisive and exciting roadmap to entrepreneurial success for small business owners. The book offers six non-negotiable, must-have strategies for entrepreneurs, as well as an engaging mix of stories, quotes, anecdotes, and examples that highlight businesspeople who have successfully confronted and overcome the daunting challenges that accompany self-employment.

You’ll also find:

  • A brand-new section on lifecycle automation and work, as well as work-life balance as a business owner 
  • How to avoid becoming trapped by your business and, instead, find time, money, and freedom in your entrepreneurial journey 
  • Strategies to move beyond surviving in your small business and begin growing and evolving

An extraordinary take on small business ownership and entrepreneurship from someone who’s been on the frontlines of a growing company, Conquer the Chaos is a must-have resource for anyone hoping to get more money, more enjoyment, and more flexibility out of their company.

Cultures of Growth

Cultures of Growth: How the New Science of Mindset Can Transform Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

Award-winning social psychologist Mary Murphy offers a groundbreaking reconsideration of individual and team success—showing how to create and sustain a growth mindset in any organization’s culture.

Carol Dweck’s multi-million-copy bestseller Mindset transformed our view of individual potential, coining the terms “fixed” and “growth” mindset: in a “fixed” mindset, talent and intelligence are viewed as predetermined traits, while in a “growth” mindset, talent and intelligence can be nurtured.

In Cultures of Growth, Dweck’s protégé, Mary Murphy, a social psychologist at both Stanford and Indiana University, shows that mindset transcends individuals. A growth mindset culture can transform any group, team, or classroom to reach breakthroughs while also helping each person achieve their potential.

Murphy’s original decade-long research reveals that organizations and teams more geared toward growth inspire deeper learning, spark collaboration, spur innovation, and build trust necessary for risk-taking and inclusion. They are also less likely to cheat, cut corners, or steal each other’s ideas. And they’re more likely to achieve top results. In these cultures, great ideas come from people from all backgrounds and at all levels—not just those anointed as brilliant or talented.

Discover how a culture of growth helped make outdoor retailer Patagonia a leader in its field; how Satya Nadella transformed Microsoft; how winemakers Robin McBride and Andréa McBride John are leading with a mindset to disrupt and diversify the entire wine industry; and how a New York school superintendent reversed massive inequities for children of color by reshaping the district’s mindset culture. Drawing on compelling examples from her work with Fortune 500 companies, startups, and schools, Murphy demonstrates that an organization’s mindset culture is the key to success for individuals, teams, and the entire organization, teaching you how to create and sustain a culture of growth no matter your role.

Create environments where people want to be, where everyone can thrive and achieve their potential, both individually and together. In a world where success seems reserved for a chosen few, Cultures of Growth unveils a radically different approach to creating organizations that inspire learning, growth, and success at all levels.

The Brand Benefits Playbook

The Brand Benefits Playbook: Why Customers Aren't Buying What You're Selling- And What to Do About It

From two of the world’s leading experts on branding, brand benefits, and positioning, this strategic guide reveals how focusing on brand benefits can transform organizations and help them win in the marketplace.

Today’s customers think less about products and more about brands, no matter whether those brands are organizational, nonprofit, individuals, or service oriented. Customers also care less about the features of your product—what it has—than about its benefits—what it does for them. While this sounds like common sense, shockingly few organizations actually conduct business this way.

Drs. Allen Weiss and Debbie J. MacInnis, professors and branding, brand benefits, and positioning experts, are about to change that. In The Brand Benefits Playbook, Weiss and MacInnis help readers understand, and transition to, a benefits-based model. 

This focus on customer benefits will teach organizations:

  • What market they are in (or could be operating in)
  • How customers perceive their brand (and that of their competitors) in terms of benefits
  • The most effective way to segment a market and position a brand in terms of benefits
  • How to deliver benefits throughout the customer journey
  • How a focus on benefits facilitates growth

Evidence-based, integrated, and simple, this innovative approach can be applied to all markets—and ensures that any brand can deliver the benefits its customers truly want.

Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager

Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager

No project management training? No problem!

In today’s workplace, employees are routinely expected to coordinate and manage projects. Yet, chances are, you aren’t formally trained in managing projects—you’re an unofficial project manager.

FranklinCovey experts Kory Kogon and Suzette Blakemore understand the importance of leadership in project completion and explain that people are crucial in the formula for success.

This updated and revised edition of Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager offers practical, real-world insights for effective project management and guides you through the essentials of the value, people, and project management process:

  • Scope
  • Plan 
  • Engage
  • Track and Adapt
  • Close 

If you’re struggling to ensure multiple projects are finished with high value and on time, this book is for you. If you manage projects without the benefit of a team, this book is also for you. Change the way you think about project management—"project manager" may not be your official title, but with the right strategies, you can excel in this project economy.

The Truth About Pricing

The Truth About Pricing: How to Apply Behavioral Economics So Customers Buy

The ultimate guide to pricing mastery and value-based pricing, The Truth About Pricing helps you unlock the secrets of your buyers’ minds, understand their needs, and set prices that skyrocket your business's success.