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African American Authors: LITERATURE

A guide for finding resources related to the African American experience. This guide highlights a variety of genres and authors (non-fiction, urban fiction, poetry, film, music, etc ) across a number of formats (print, electronic, audio/video).

How to Find Primary Resources

Primary sources are original texts and other materials produced during the time period you are interested in.  Primary sources include but are not limited to:

  • manuscripts
  • newspaper articles
  • book reviews
  • specific book editions
  • ephemera (fliers, pamplets, posters, etc)
  • photographs

If you are doing an assignment that requires you to find primary resources, you may be searching in an archival collection, special collections, or historical research database (such as a newspaper database). You may even be asked to access microfilm or microfiche readers.

Try searching here for Primary Source Materials:

How to Find Secondary Resources

Secondary sources provide an analysis of events, people, or ideas after (or long after) the original event has occured.

Influential & Recommended Books

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