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C. A. Ficke & the Davenport Municipal Art Gallery: Arthur Davison Ficke

Links to our available resources on Charles A. Ficke, his family and the Davenport Municipal Art Gallery
An April Elegy
The Breaking of Bonds
Chats on Japanese Prints
The Earth Passion
From the Isles
The Ghost of Sharaku
The Happy Princess
The Man on the Hilltop
Mountain Against Mountain
Mr. Faust
Mrs. Morton of Mexico
Out of Silence
The Road to the Mountain
The Secret
Selected Poems
Sonnets of a Portrait Painter
Tumultuous Shore
Tweleve Japanese Painters

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Ephemera - Biography - Ficke, Arthur Davison

Ephemera – Biography – Ficke, Arthur Davison

Green, William Andon. “A Chat on Arthur Davison Ficke (1883-1945)”. Bulletin of the Society for Japanese Arts and Crafts. Autumn 1983. No. 11 pp.1-12. Print.

Brown, Gladys. “Arthur Davison Ficke and his friends”. Yale University Library Gazette. Jan 1949. Vo. 23 No. 3 pp.140-144. Print.

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A.D. Ficke Photographs from our collection

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