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C. A. Ficke & the Davenport Municipal Art Gallery: Davenport Municipal Art Gallery

Links to our available resources on Charles A. Ficke, his family and the Davenport Municipal Art Gallery

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“Primary Selection from Special Collections” Blog Posts

Davenport Municipal Art Gallery - Books from the RiverShare Catalog

Ephemera -- Museums

Catalog of 334 Paintings, the gift of C. A. Ficke. 1925. Print

Davenport Municipal Art Gallery.  ca. 1960's. Leaflet

Visit the new Davenport Municipal Art Gallery. 1962. Flier (C. A. Ficke bust)

Art Mélange. Fall 1964. Flier.

Morris Kantor Retrospective. 03-27 June 1965. Leaflet.

Davenport Municipal Art Gallery. ca.1960s - ca.1980s. Fliers.

A Presentation for the Davenport Municipal Art Gallery. Howard Braren Associates, Inc. 1979. Pamphlet

Fury, Joseph M. Know Your Art Gallery - Art Lecture Series. Fall 1983. Print.

Medieval and Renaissance Ceramics. 1984-1985. Poster.

Annual Reports. 1988-1992. Periodical

Biennial Reports. 1998-2003. Periodical

Newsletter. 2001. Periodical

Davenport Museum of Art. 1989. Flier

The Moving Wall Vietnam Veterans Memorial. June 1991. Leaflet

Exhibition Schedule & Membership Information. 1997. Flier

A Case for Annual Support. 1999. Flier

An Information and Membership Guide. n.d. Flier.

Special Report. July 1999. Flier. (Short list of architects)

Youth and Adult Classes. 1999-2001. Fliers.

Davenport Museum of Art Newsletter. Summer 2001. Flier

Exhibition Schedule. 2000-2002. Flier

Be a Booster - Support the Davenport Museum of Art. 2001. Flier

Davenport Museum of Art. 2005. Flier. (Coming Soon...Summer 2005)

Wiese Building. 1960s-1970s. Brochures. 

Robert Hughes lecture. Apr 1987. Poster. Map Case 2; Drawer 14; Folder 06

Working Hard and Having Fun: Images of Work and Play featuring Grandma Moses’ painting Jack-O-Lantern. Poster. Map Case 2; Drawer 12; Folder 20

The Figge Arts Center. 2003. Leaflet (floorplans)

Quad Cities Press Event. 12 May 2004. Project Fact Sheet

Figge Art Museum - It will change your view - Grand Opening.  06 Aug 2005. Flier

Design Ranch at the Figge Art Museum. 18 Nov 2005. Flier

Teacher Resource Guide. 2005-2006. Pamphlet

The First Year - Thank you to all who made it possible. 2006. Fliers

Dowdy, Clare. Wallpaper* Design Awards - Best Museum. Wallpaper* Feb 2006. Periodical

Deborah Butterfield. Mar-May 2007. Flier

Studio Art Classes. Summer 2007. Pamphlet

Grant Wood. 2009. Flier

Tracks: The Railroad in Photographs. Jan-Apr 2011. Flier

Building a Masterpiece: Celebrating 90 years. 2015. Leaflet.

Figge Explorer Series: Grant Wood. 2018. Flier.

Figge Explorer Series: Haitian Art. 2018. Flier.

Maurice Sendak: The Memorial Exhibition. 2018. Pamphlet.

French Moderns: Monet to Matisse, 1850-1950. 2018. Pamphlet.

French Moderns: Monet to Matisse, 1850-1950. 2018. Poster. Map Case 2; Drawer 08

Museum Map & Mobile Audio Tour. 2018. Flier.

Rufino Tamayo Exhibition. 2018. Flier. 

Celebrate the Figge at 15. Aug 2020. Flier & brochure.

Annual Report. 2021. Periodical.

Archive & Manuscript Collections

2002-13 Charles E. Slack photographs. This collection contains 4 images (6 photographs) of Davenport City Hall prior to construction of annex; Specifications for construction of City Hall annex; 1899 Davenport City Directory pocket edition; aerial photos of Carey addition prior to subdivision in the area north of Duck Creek and east of Jersey Ridge Road; black and white and color negatives of items in Davenport Museum of Art collection, 1981.
Date Range: 1899-1981 Location: Range 38 Section 03

2004-68 FRIENDS of Davenport Museum of Art. This collection contains Articles of Incorporation; Constitution and By-laws; minutes of meetings; financial records; Board Of Directors and committee lists; photographs of past board presidents; miscellaneous. Brief inventory available.
Date Range: 1927-2004 Location: Range 42 Section 06 & Range 43 Section 06

2004-69 Volunteer Guild of Davenport Museum of Art. This collection contains By-laws, board minutes 1980's-2000's, handbooks, brochures, invitations, trips, artist consignments sold in gift shop; scrapbook.
Date Range: 1980-2000 Location: Range 42 Section 08

2004-70 Davenport Museum of Art. This collection contains Scrapbooks beginning 1925, financial records, minutes; directors files pertaining to support organizations, Haitian art manuscript, catalog of QuadCity sculpture, newsletters, annual reports, exhibitions 1925-2000.
Date Range: 1925-2000 Location: Range 14 Sections 02, 03, 04, 0,5 and 07. Scrapbooks top shelves Range 14

2004-71 Beaux Arts, Incorporated. This collection contains Scrapbooks containing newsclippings, publicity, and photographs of Balls (1953-1966) and Fairs (1967-1974); 120 color slides of balls.
Date Range: 1953-1974 Location: Range 42 Section 01

2005-20 Charles A. Ficke rare book and manuscript collection. This collection contains Rare books and manuscripts, including a Babylonian clay tablet, Egyptian papyrus, Chinese and Japanese manuscripts, Korans, Bibles, and incunables.
Date Range: undated Location: Range 42 Section 03

2021-05 Beaux Arts Fund Committee Records. This is mainly a collection of promotional material for the Beaux Arts Balls and Fairs held in Davenport, Iowa to raise funds for the Davenport Museum of Art. It includes black and white photographic prints with identification from several balls in the 1960s, programs and tickets from 1956-1970, newspaper items and a bit of correspondence regarding borrowing copies of the British Crown Jewels to display at one of the balls in 1962. The original 1953 articles of incorporation are included as well as an undated set of by-laws.
Date Range: 1953-1970 Location: Range 41 Section 05

1991-04 Tuesday Club Papers and Yearly Program Books. Folder 200: The Legacy of Charles August Ficke by Kay Huffaker Hall, 2018 October 02
Date Range: 2018 Location: Range 37 Section 01 Box 10