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What is Downton Abbey?

Just what is Downton Abbey? Some of you may be novices to this television show that is sweeping ratings on PBS. Others may be fans wanting to know more about this high class English family. Let's first start by figuring out just what this show is about:

Downton Abbey is a period British television drama series that began in 2010 overseas in England and Ireland and then swept over to the United States in 2011. PBS has a Masterpiece Classic Anthology and Downton Abbey was swiftly added into this category.

Downton Abbey starts in 1912 with the sinking of the Titanic and chronicles the lives of the Crawley family and their servants. An interesting fact about this show is that it is actually based upon the lives of the real aristocratic family that lived in Highclere Castle. For more information about the real life inspirations for Downton Abbey, check out other sections on this site.

The END of Downton Abbey!

Downton Abbey's television run will officially be over after the completion of the sixth season! Both producers and television executives alike have decided that the time has come for Downton Abbey to close its doors. Reasons given include that they wish to end the show at a high point of both viewership and when the storylines have reached a natural coming together point.

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For more information, read the NPR article entitled, "The End of the Estate: Downton Abbey is Officially Saying Goodbye!"

Inspiration for Downton Abbey

Margaret Powell's Life Below Stairs is a memoir that tells the story of Margaret's introduction to life as a kitchen maid in a castle in 1920s England. Her stories of her mistress's family, alongside the stories of the other servants, served as great inspiration for Downton Abbey.