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Antoine LeClaire: More resources

Links to our available resources on Antoine LeClaire, founder of the City of Davenport

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from our Archive & Manuscripts Collections

1999-10 Antoine LeClaire signature. 2 folders in 1 archive box. Rg. 38 Sec. 6

2011-02 Antoine LeClaire land patent documents and research. Photocopies pertaining to LeClaire land acquisitions from 1832 Suk & Fox treaty including certified copes of patents, maps. 4 folders in 1 archive box. Rg. 37 Sec. 9

2012-10 Padlock made by Antoine LeClaire’s father. Used at Ft. Dearborn near Chicago. Gifted to Antoine LeClaire House Historical Interpretive Center in 1993. Informational paperwork included. 1 archive box. Rg. 14 Sec. 8

2013-32 Antoine LeClaire House Phase VII interior restoration. Scholtz, Gowey, Gere, Marolf architects. 1998. 3 ring binder. SC 728.37 ANTOI LEC