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If you like true stories of globe-trotting adventure, this may be the guide for you! The titles contained here cover many different destinations and types of journeys.

Travel Writing 101

Some Useful Terms and Their Meanings:

Travel literature: a genre which includes outdoor literature, guide books, nature writing, and travel memoirs. Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms

Travel narratives: "first-hand accounts of observations made while voyaging."

Travel writing: "a form of creative non-fiction in which the narrator's encounters with foreign places serve as the dominant subject." Thoughtco


As any reader knows, any book can be a portal to an exciting new place. But with travel books, the reader has a chance to journey to a real-world place, vicariously experiencing a real person's feelings and impressions along the way. This page includes travel guides, humorous travel stories, heartfelt memoirs, historical accounts, and more. Travel around the world today - without leaving your house!

Disclaimer: our collection holds MANY more travel guidebooks than the sampling listed here. Check our online catalog for a full list!

Adventure Begins at Home!