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Comics for All Ages: Questionable Content

Questionable Content

Jacques, Jeph. “Questionable Content.” QC: New Comics Every Monday Through Friday. Jeph Jacques, Aug. 1, 2003. Web. < >

Questionable Content is an online slice of life comic that is about so many different topics, a few being: robots, people issues, romance, indie rock, cafes, etc. It centers around Marten and his roommate Faye in Massachusetss. They go about their daily lives interacting with people in the local coffee shop, robots that both live in their apartment and come over to visit, and the various other friends they both have. This is a slice of life comic that deals with issues that people in reality face on a day-to-day basis: how to deal with messy emotions, what to do with your sex life, how to handle obscure music references that you think you should know, and both the ups and downs of any and all relationships.

Visual and textual style: realistic, modern, conversational, expository, drawing style evolves from the oldest to the newest comics

Potential readers/appeal factors: slice of life, relationships, drama, romance, friends, adult life


  • Questionable Contenthas been nominated and won many Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards:
    • Nominated:
      • 2004 – Outstanding Newcomer, Outstanding Reality Comic, Outstanding Romantic Comic
      • 2005 – Outstanding Character Writing, Outstanding Comic, Outstanding Reality Comic(honorable mention), Outstanding Character Writing(honorable mention)
      • 2006 – Outstanding Character Writing
      • 2008 – Outstanding Character Writing
    • Won:
      • 2005 – Outstanding Romantic Comic
      • 2006 – Outstanding Romantic Comic
      • 2007 – Outstanding Character Writing, Outstanding Dramatic Comic, Outstanding Slice-of-Life Comic, Outstanding Romantic Comic

Other pertinent information

  • Questionable Content appeared in Scott McCloud’s 2006 book Making Comics as an example of webcomics.
  • Visit the Questionable Content website to check out a cast of characters, find an interview from the creator Jacques, and look at all the merchandise available.
  • Questionable Content is updated every day, Monday through Friday.
  • There are three printed collections available, with a fourth scheduled for release soon! You can find these in the Web store. They are handily named Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3.

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