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Comics for All Ages: Magic Pickle

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Magic Pickle

Morse, Scott. Magic Pickle. Color by Jose Garibaldi. Graphix: New York, 2008. Print.

Magic Pickle cover

Magic Pickle details the story of Weapon Kosher, a pickle accidentally endowed with superpowers in 1951 that was cryogenically frozen until current time when he was unfrozen to fight evil. The Magic Pickle’s lair was hidden under the bedroom of Jo Jo Wigman, an elementary aged girl who is unwittingly involved in his caper to destroy the Brotherhood of Evil Produce in their quest to steal famous pieces of art and cash in on their ill-gotten gains. The Magic Pickle and Jo Jo team up to fight Chili Chili Bang Bang, the Peashooter, the Phantom Carrot, and the Romaine Gladiator, the forces known as the Brotherhood of Evil Produce. Jo Jo must keep this secret, while dealing with school, her nemesis LuLu, her best friend Ellen Cranston, and her lovestruck neighbor Mikey Spuchins. What will happen to the Magic Pickle and Jo Jo in this adventure? Read this book to find out!

Visual and textual style: fast-paced, surreal, colorful, detailed, short chapters, fantastical

Potential readers/appeal factors: humor, anthropomorphic creatures, superpowers, magic, action, fans of Captain America origin story


  • 2009 Eisner Award Nominee for Best Letterer for Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!
  • Morse’s 1997 series Soulwind has been nominated for both Eisner and Ignatz awards
    • 1997 Ignatz Award Nominee for Outstanding Artist
    • 1997 Ignatz Award Nominee for Promising New Talent
    • 1998 Eisner Award Nominee for Best New Series
    • 1998 Eisner Award Nominee for Best Serialized Story
    • 1999 Eisner Award nominee for Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition for Soulwind, The Visitation

Other pertinent information

  • Visit the Magic Pickle website to learn more about Magic Pickle. Check out the cast of characters, delve into Magic Pickle, and find out more about Scott Morse.
  • Morse is sometimes known as C.S. Morse.
  • Morse has worked for Disney, Universal, and Cartoon Network as a character designer, art director, and storyboard artist.

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