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Comics for All Ages: Get Fuzzy

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Get Fuzzy

Conley, Darby. Masters of the Nonsenseverse: A Get Fuzzy Collection. Kansas City: Andrews McMeelPublishing, LLC, 2011. Print.

The Get Fuzzy comic is an animal strip that follows the story of Rob Wilco and his two pets, a dog named Satchel Pooch and a cat named Bucky Katt. Bucky and Satchel both exhibit human traits, which in turn livens up the comic. Get Fuzzy revolves around Rob dealing with the wacky schemes that Bucky and Satchel scheme up on a daily basis.

Visual and Textual Style: overdrawn and written stereotypes, anthropomorphic, somewhat sophisticated text, absurd conversations

Potential readers/appeal factors: fans of anthropomorphic creatures, humor, stereotypes


  • This strip initially appeared in 75 newspapers nationally
  • National Cartoonist Society Newspaper Comic Strip Award in 2002

Other Pertinent Information

  • There have been several negative reactions to Get Fuzzy. The city of Pittsburgh, Bob Lobel, and a newspaper called The Tennessean all have reacted negatively to strips that Conley has printed.

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