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Comics for All Ages: Garfield

Garfield books


Garfield tells the story of Garfield the Cat and his day-to-day adventures with dog, Odie, and their owner, Jon Arbuckle. Follow Garfield as he hates Mondays, watches Jon try some silly home improvement, tricks Odie into doing something, hangs out with mice, and tries to find lasagna.

Visual and Textual Style: exaggerated drawings, anthropomorphic, minimal text

Potential readers/appeal factors: clumsy, any age, animal stories, dating stories, goofy behavior, humor


  • Guinness World Records named Garfield “The Most Widly Syndicated Comic Strip in the World”
  • National Cartoonist Society’s Best Humor strip in 1981 and 1985
  • Won the Elzie Segar Award in 1990
  • Won the Reuben Award in 1990
  • Davis was inducted into the Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association Hall of Fame in 1998
  • Davis had ten Emmy nominations and four Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program

Other Pertinent Information

  • Garfield has been featured in live action movies put out by Twentieth Century Fox and at least three animated features for DVD
  • “The Garfield Show” came on Cartoon Network in 2009. 

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