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Comics for All Ages: Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade

Alden, Sam. “Eighth Grade.” Eighth Grade. Blogger. <>


Eighth Grade follows three teenagers as they finish out their last few weeks in middle school. A lie threatens to destroy everything around them and they all must deal with consequences. Everything slowly begins to fall apart and they have to figure out what to do.

Visual and textual style: black and white, color covers, sketch, conversational, realistic, well paced, honest

Potential readers/appeal factors: middle school, friends, family, last weeks of school, teachers, love, pain


  • Sam Alden was nominated for a 2013 Ignatz Award for Hawaii 1997 and Haunter.

Other pertinent information:

  • Alden no longer publishes Eighth Grade., but the first four chapters of the comic are available at his website.
  • Links to Alden’s other comics can be found on Alden’s Tumblr.

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