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Comics for All Ages: Cursed Pirate Girl

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Cursed Pirate Girl

Bastian, Jeremy A. Cursed Pirate Girl. Collected Edition Hardcover. Vol. 1 Archaia Entertainment LLC: Los Angeles, 2012. Print.

Cursed Pirate Girl cover

Cursed Pirate Girl follows the story of the Cursed Pirate Girl as she looks for her father. Her adventure begins when she makes the acquaintance of the Governor’s daughter Apollonia. The governor does not take too kindly to their friendship and orders the Cursed Pirate Girl to be killed. Thus begins her dramatic journey through oceans deep and lands wide to find her pirate father. With the help of sea creatures and her attempts to figure out why she is cursed, the Cursed Pirate Girl is destined for a high stake adventure full of danger, mysterious characters, and strange looking pirates to find her father and her destiny.

Visual and textual style: intricate drawings, black and white, detailed, sketches, old language style

Potential readers/appeal factors: mythical, strong female characters, pirates, non-traditional comic artwork, search for family, royalty


  • BOTYA 2012 Finalist in Graphic Novels & Comics
  • BOTYA 2012 Winner in Silver for Graphic Novels & Comics

Other pertinent information

  • Second volume has yet to be announced.

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