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Comics for All Ages: Chip 'N' Dale

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Chip 'N' Dale

Brill, Ian. Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers: Slippin’ Through the Cracks. Art: Leonel Castellani. Kaboom!: Los Angeles, 2011. Print.

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Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers: Slippin’ Through the Cracks is a set of multiple Rescue Rangers adventures that follow the tales of Chip, Dale, Zipper, Monty, and Gadget as they strive to save the lives and solve the problems of the creatures in the world around them. By working together and fighting crime, the Rescue Rangers realize how important it is to trust everyone on their team, how family can be built from a wide variety of characters, and how each and every person is important and unique in their own way because they all have very different, yet very important skills, that contribute to the group as a whole. Join the Rescue Rangers as they fight against the Danger Rangers and their evil plots to take dethrone the Rescue Rangers.

Visual and textual style: cartoon, bright colors, action, cinema/tv style, expressive, minimal text, detailed, dark, vivid

Potential readers/appeal factors: fans of the television show Chip ‘N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, rescue, crime, rescue, solving problems


  • This series has won no awards and neither has the author.

Other pertinent information

  • Ian Brill, the story writer, wrote Darkwing Duck, while artist Leonel Castellani did the artiwork for Marvel Super Hero Squad.
  • Ian Brill is an editor for Boom! Studios.

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