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Comics for All Ages: Astronaut Academy

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Webcomics by Roman

Astronaut Academy

Roman, Dave. Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity. First Second: New York, 2011. Print.

Astronaut Academy cover

Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity follows the story of Hakata Soy and his life at his new school, Astronaut Academy. Even though he is part of an intergalactic team called the Meta-Tron that has saved the galaxy from the Gotcha Birds, his parents still believed he needed to go to school. Hakata struggles to make friends, to keep his identity somewhat a secret, to deal with giving away some of his hearts, and just how to deal with the new situation he finds himself floating in. Add in a robot sent to destroy him and Hakata and his fellow classmates are destined for a galactic mission full of fireballs and secret missions. This online serialized graphic novel was made into two books: Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity and Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry.

Interested in attending Astronaut Academy. Check out their promotional video!

Visual and textual style: basic shapes, whimsical, long run-on sentences, black and white, circular dialogue, grayscale

Potential readers/appeal factors: humor, text written to be read out loud, told in chapters, easy to distinguish characters with introductions at the beginning of each chapter, space, humor, fantasy, robots, adventure, crime-solving


  • Jax Epoch and the Quicken Forbidden, a webcomic designed by Roman, was nominated for a Harvey Award.
  • Teen Boat!, another webcomic by Roman, won an Ignatz Award in 2004 for Outstanding Debut Novel for Teen Boat #6: VOTE BOAT.
  • Astronaut Academy was awarded a Web Cartoonist’s Choice Award for “Outstanding New Character Design” in 2005.
  • Roman’s X-Men: Misfits and The Last Airbender: Zuko’s Story have both been on the New York Times Bestseller’s Lists.
  • Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity was the Graphic Novel Reporter Best Graphic Novel of the Year, was on the Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Award Maser List, a New York Public Library Book for Reading and Sharing, and was on the Texas Maverick Graphic Novels List.

Other pertinent information

  • Astronaut Academy began a webcomic and a series of mini-comics called “Astronaut Academy”, but was then gathered, changed the title to Astronaut Academy for the graphic novel, and published by First Second Books.
  • Astronaut Academy has its own website at You can read the first 25 pages of Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry online at this website.
  • Roman has also put together three other webcomics: Agnes Quill: An Anthology of Mystery, Jax Epoch, and Teen Boat!. Jax Epoch and Teen Boat! Were created by Roman with the help of artist John Green.
  • Dave Roman is married to Raina Telgemeier, the creator of the graphic novels, Drama, Smile, and Baby-sitters Club.
  •  Roman worked for Nickelodeon Magazine as a comics editor from 1998 to 2009.

Want to head back into Astronaut Academy for a second year? Check out the video for Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry. This is the sequel to Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity.

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