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Video Games: Action/Adventure

What better way to pass the time on a rainy day than to pull out a video game to play? This guide aims to help gamers of any level of experience to find something new to play that's right for them.

Action/Adventure Games

Action/Adventure games are a wide and versatile genre in the video game space. Often focussing on immersion and creating a cinematic experience, Action/Adventure games are all about making the experience feel personal and epic for the player. Games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Switch focus on the player getting engrossed and lost in the world that the game creates, focusing on exploration for its immersion. (Also available on Wii U.) While games like Batman: Arkham Knight (on Xbox One and PlayStation 4) focus on immersing the player by making them feel like they are Batman. Each of these games are about making the player experience a certain emotion or mentality. Action/Adventrue games are great for those looking to escape for an afternoon into another world and going along for the ride. Because the cool thing about video games is, that ride is something that you, the player, have control over.

Action/Adventure Games

The Division 2

The Division franchise is a section of the long-running "Tom Clancy" series of games and The Division 2 is the second time that Ubisoft has made a game for the "looter shooter" genre. Looter shooters are all about grinding for bonuses. You start the game with a weak and barely armed character and as you progress through the game, taking out rogue groups and bosses, you acquire better and better loot that makes your character more and more formidable. The Division 2 is jam packed with content in an incredibly detailed recreation of Washington D. C. after an apocalypse.
Available for PS4 and Xbox One


Dishonored 2

Dishonored is a franchise that is all about stealth and freedom in player choice. In this entry into the franchise, the player is tasked with playing as one of two protagonists that each have their own unique playset and gameplay style. The protagonist from the first game (Corvo Attano) or Empress Emily Kaldwin are the two options. You explore through the dystopian steam punk city of Karnaca and come across different expertly-crafted levels and scenarios that can be tackled from a plethora of different directions and methods. This versatility is what gives the Dishonored games so much replay value and is what makes them so much fun. If you want to go tearing through a mission killing NPCs indiscriminately, you can do that, but the game's Chaos system will reflect your reckless disregard. You can even go through entire levels without killing any bad guys if you so choose. The upgrade system and level design are so versatile that either of these playstyles is viable as well as many others. Dishonored is a great game for anyone that ever dreamed of being a covert ninja assassin with magical powers, which to be fair, I think is a dream that everyone has at least dabbled in a little bit.
Available for PS4 and Xbox One

Action/Adventure Exclusives

God of War

The original God of War trilogy focused on Kratos hunting down Greek gods and putting them into place. Kratos has mellowed with age and begun to settle down with his son. This of course doesn't last and Kratos and his son are plunged into another war with the Gods. This time with the Norse pantheon instead. This action adventure game is one of the best exclusives that the Playstation 4 has to offer. Incredible action, graphics and story all rolled into one title.

Available for PS4

Quantum Break

This Xbox One exclusive's main goal is to make the player feel like they are in an Action-filled time travel TV show. Every level ends with a mini TV episode that changes based on the decisions that the player has made. Try to change the past, present and future in this time traveling action epic.

Available for Xbox One