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Halloween: Lighthearted Halloween Fun

If you are looking for a LibGuide to help you find resources for all things related to the spookiest holiday of the year, then look no further!

It's Not All About Scares and Frights

Halloween isn't just about the ghosts and scares, it is also about having fun. Dressing up as your favorite superhero, getting a bunch of candy, celebrating with friends. This page is a collection of resources for those that might not be in the mood for a scare and are looking for more lighthearted materials to enjoy.


The Cottage on Pumpkin and Vine by Kate Angell, Jennifer Dawson, and Sharla Lovelace

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

All I Want for Halloween by Marie Harte

Resurrected by Morgan Rice

Werewolf in Alaska by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Non-Scary Books to Read on Halloween

This section contains a wide variety of books that serve a wide variety of purposes. We have a book on pumpkin carving and some craft books all rounded out by a Halloween cook book.

Pumpkin Carving Book by Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell

Origami for Halloween by Robym Hardyman

Halloween Crafts by Anita Yasuda

Halloween: The Best of Martha Stewart Living

Welcome to Night Vale by Jospeh Fink

Music CDs

These musical collections of spooky songs are the perfect addition to any Halloween social gathering from Mannheim Steamroller to Kidz Bop's Monster Mash, this collection has an assortment of songs to keep the scary times rolling.

New Wave Halloween Music

Halloween by Mannheim Steamroller

Kidz Bop: Halloween Hits by Kidz Bop Kids

Halloween's Gravest Hits

The Pumpkin Carving Book

Halloween Romance