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African American Authors: URBAN FICTION

A guide for finding resources related to the African American experience. This guide highlights a variety of genres and authors (non-fiction, urban fiction, poetry, film, music, etc ) across a number of formats (print, electronic, audio/video).

What is Urban Fiction?

Urban Fiction, or "Street Lit", are books that are gritty, raw and set in dangerous or violent urban landscapes. The storylines of these books tend to focus on tough African American characters with strong themes of survival by any means necessary. Street lit can also be referred to as "Hip Hop Lit" or "Gangsta Lit". There is very often frank treatment of drugs, sex and violence and the books are written in a very casual style, often times with non-standard grammar and slang. --"Urban Grit: A Guide to Street Lit".

Urban fiction primarily centers on but is not entirely exclusive to African American characters which is a testament to how this wildly popular genre is not defined by the color of one's skin but rather the literary content itself.

Popular Urban Fiction Titles



Urban Fiction Authors

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  • Armstead, Krystal
  • Ashley, 1985
  • Bryant, Niobia
  • Ca$h
  • Clark, Wahida 
  • Ebony Diamond
  • Ervin, Keisha
  • Genovese, Ni'chelle 
  • Goines, Donald
  • Gray, Erick S.
  • Hampton, Brenda 
  • Hernandez, Treasure. 
  • JaQuavis 
  • Joy, E. N.
  • Karrington, Blake 
  • Katt
  • Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 1965- 
  • King, Joy Deja, 1978- 
  • K'wan. 
  • Lennox, Lisa
  • Moore, Michel 
  • Morrison, Mary
  • N'Tyse
  • Noire
  • Pete, Eric. 
  • Reynolds, Jason
  • Rose, John L.
  • Sanchez, Amir
  • Sapphire
  • Silk White
  • Soulja, Sister
  • Skyy, 1982- 
  • Storm 
  • Stringer, Vickie M. 
  • Styles, Toy, 1974- 
  • Swinson, Kiki. 
  • Turner, Nikki 
  • Tyree, Omar 
  • Weber, Carl  
  • Weber, Natalie
  • Williams, Raquel
  • Woods, Genesis
  • Woods, Teri 
  • Zane

Urban Romance: Sensual & Steamy