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DavenportReads Literacy Resources: About Us

About Us

Davenport Reads is a joint project sponsored by the City of Davenport, Davenport Public Library, Davenport Community Schools and Eastern Iowa Community Colleges to ensure that all the people of Davenport of all ages will build their knowledge and expand opportunities through reading. Partner organizations also include United Way of the Quad Cities and the Bi-State Literacy Council. The Davenport Reads campaign is designed to expand access to and excitement for reading resources in our community for all ages and interests. "Davenport Reads" is committed to coordinating the literacy resources of the community in order to: increase skills among all the people of Davenport; increase reading at home; and increase support for struggling readers by:

    • Coordinating, communicating and broadening access to community literacy resources, utilizing our public libraries as resource and referral centers for literacy needs, including a Library-hosted web portal of literacy programs and services across the community
    • Partner and corporate tool-kits to provide resources to advance literacy in area businesses, community destinations and recreational activities
    • Expanded access to literacy materials and resources in the three Davenport libraries for teachers, parents and volunteer tutors, aligned with student and adult learning needs by proficiency level
    • Simplified registration for a Library Card, including simplified application process and streamlining library card drive with school registration and referral processes to broaden access
    • City-wide campaign asking individuals and families to "Take the Pledge:" to have a Library Card, to read for pleasure at home and to have age-appropriate reading materials available at home for leisure reading
    • Support for adults struggling with their own literacy through partnership with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges Adult Literacy Program