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A Guide to Television Programs at the Library: Police

Categorical listings of a variety of TV shows available for check out at the library.

No Offence

Comedy - Crime - Drama


An unorthodox squad investigates Manchester's most gruesome and off-the-wall crimes. All seasons available. 


Crime - Drama



Two partners clash in Montreal's police department while working violent and strange crimes. All seasons available.


Action - Adventure - Crim

TV-14 - CBS

A S.W.A.T. lieutenant struggles with his loyalty to the streets he grew up on when he is tasked to lead a unit to cut down crime. Seasons 1 -3 available. 

Bronx SIU

Action - Drama - Thriller

Urban Movie Channel - TV-MA

Bronx SIU follows the pursuits of homicide detective, Jimmy Blue. Jimmy suffers from PTSD and after a string of homicides outrages the city, Jimmy is commissioned to lead an elite unit of investigators tasked with solving these heinous crimes. Season 1 available.

Lethal Weapon



Action - Crime - Drama

TV-14 - Fox

Based off of the hit movie series. A young, wild detective is partnered with a veteran detective. All seasons available. 

Blue Bloods

Drama - Crime
TV-14 - CBS
Centers around a NYC family prominent in the law world. The Reagans include the Police Comissioner, the Assistant District Attorney, a senior detective, and a Harvard law grad  turned cop. The group defends the city from harm. Seasons 1-10 available.  

City on a Hill

Crime - Drama - Thriller

TV-MA - Showtime

Set in 1990's Boston, an assistant DA and corrupt FBI veteran work together on a case the grows to involve the entire criminal justice system of Boston. Season 1 available. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Comedy - Crime
TV-14 - Fox
Set in NYC fictional 99th police precinct. Follows a team of detectives and their new stern Captain. The Captain often butt heads with one of the young and talented detectives. Seasons 1-7 available. 

Chicago P.D.

Drama - Action
TV-14 - 45 Minutes - NBC

Follow Chicago P.D. district 21's two different police groups, uniformed cops and the intelligence unit. Explore how each sector fights crime in Chicago. Seasons 1 - 7 available. 


Crime - Drama - Mystery

TV-14 - CBS


An elite team of police forensic evidence experts solve cases in Las Vegas. All seasons available. 

CSI New York

Action - Crime - Drama

TV-14 - CBS


CSD head Detective Taylor and team solve crimes using forensic science in New York. All seasons available. 

Major Crimes

Action - Crime - Drama

TV-14 - TNT


The LAPD major crimes division must learn how to work under a new captain. All seasons available.