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Comics for All Ages: Superheroes

DC Comic Book Characters

DC has a host of comic book characters. Some include:



-Wonder Woman

-The Flash

-The Green Lantern

Some of DC's publishing houses are:

-DC Archives


-Showcase Edition of Golden/Silver Age Comics

Marvel Characters

Marvel has several characters within their universe. Some are:

-The Fantastic Four


-X-Men (Professor X, Wolverine, Magneto, Deadpool, Mystique, Cyclops, Beast, Phoenix, Nightcrawler, Havok, Storm, Colossus, etc)

-The Avengers (Thor, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, The Wasp, Quick Silver, etc)

-GI Joe

The main publishers/runs of Marvel Comics are:

-Marvel Masterworks


-Omnibus Series


Traditional superheroes are divided into DC and Marvel camps.


DC has the DC Archives, Chronicles, and Showcase Editions of Golden/Silver Age Comics (ie. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash).

The Flash cover

These have also been updated, post 1990, featuring the same characters.

Flash Rebirth cover


Marvel has the Marvel Masterworks, Essentials, and Omnibus series (ie. The Fantastic Four, Amazing Spider-Man, The Uncanny X-Men, and The Incredible Hulk).

Uncanny X-Men cover

These have been updated, post 1990, featuring the same characters.

Astonishing X-Men cover

Other Superheroes

Volumes from a contemporary publisher, not DC or Marvel, featuring a superhero (i.e.. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hellboy, Chew, Invincible, Preacher, The Tick).

Buffy cover

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