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Genealogical Research: Military Records

Captain Harry Ward
Captain Otto Seiffert
Lieutenant William Earle Coffee
Floyd C. Jones
Henry Heinemann
Lieutenant Edward R. Guyer
Lieutenant C. M. Woodard
Lieutenant George Axel Giorloff
Lieutenant G. S. Challer
Lieutenant James Dammond
First Lieutenant John O. Powell
Lieutenant John Thomas Dye Jr.
Lieutenant Lincoln B. Breedlove
Lieutenant Rolland Ellwood Hubert
Major Allen Cowperthwaite
Major Arthur M. Compton
Mr. A. J. Clark
Edward F. Matejka
Mr. Dexter W. Reynolds
Mr. Earl Olson
Captain Earl P. McGinley
Sergeant Maurice D. Coffee
Mr. Raymond R. McGrath
Ensign S. N. James
Corporal Rudolph Schroeder
N. D. Ely
Pricate Emerson Martin
Robert Marshall
Mr. W. VonRoedern
Sergeant William L. Duncan
Sergeant Leon Myers

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Digitized photographs from our collection

Indian war memorial on Campbell's Island
Soldiers' Monument
Military Hospital on Arsenal Island
Exterior View of Shops at Rock Island Arsenal
Interior View of Unidentified Shop at Rock Island Arsenal
Interior view of shop at Rock Island Arsenal
Interior View of Shop I Rock Island Arsenal
Mark VIII Tank in Craneway of Shop M
Initial Public Appearance of V.F.W. Military Band

Military Records from our Collection

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