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Choose from over 50 bestselling authors. Never miss a new book by your favorite author again!

Simply Held

Want the hottest new release from your favorite author? Want to stay current with a celebrity book club? Love nonfiction and fiction? You should join Simply Held!

Choose from over 50 bestselling authors. Never miss a book by your favorite author again! You can select however many authors you would like.

We offer nonfiction books too! Biographies, cookbooks, social justice, and true crime titles are chosen four times a year by your librarians and are automatically placed on hold for you! We also offer four fiction picks: diverse debuts, graphic novel, historical fiction, and international fiction. These are chosen on the same schedule as the nonfiction titles.

You can also join a celebrity book club: Reese Witherspoon's book club, Jenna Bush Hager's Read With Jenna book club, and Oprah Winfrey's book club!

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If there are any authors that you want to recommend, click over to the online form and add your favorite author to the bottom. We review suggestions annually.

Jenna's June 2024 Pick

Jenna Bush Hager started the #ReadWithJenna book club as a new TODAY book club. Each month she selects a new book to read with  the book club. To learn more about Jenna's previous book club selections and what she is doing with her current selection, check out her website.

June 2024 Selection

Swift River by Essie Chambers

Reese's June 2024 Pick

Reese Witherspoon created Reese's Book Club as a way to share books that she loves with the community. Her picks feature a woman at the center.

The current adult selection will automatically be put on hold for you, but you can also look up previous adult selections and the young adult selections on her website and give us a call to place any previous picks on hold for you!

June 2024 Selection

The Unwedding by Ally Condie

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