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Books, graphic novels, films and TV series with LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) themes in the Davenport Public Library and RiverShare collections.
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Graphic Novels & Magna Print Page

Featured artist: Alison Bechdel

At the 69th Tony Awards, the musical adaptation of Alison Bechdel's "Fun Home" won Best Musical, as well awards for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role (Michael Cerveris), Best Original Score (Music: Jeanine Tesori, Lyrics: Lisa Kron) Best Direction of a Musical (Sam Gold), and Best Book of a Musical (Lisa Kron).

Cover Art
Fun Home: A family tragicomic - Alison Bechdel (Illustrator)
Call Number: GRAPHIC BIOG Bechdel
ISBN: 9780618477944
Publication Date: 2006-06-08
An unusual memoir done in the form of a graphic novel by a cult favorite comic artist offers a darkly funny family portrait that details her relationship with her father, a historic preservation expert dedicated to restoring the family's Victorian home, funeral home director, high-school English teacher, and closeted homosexual.

Cover Art
Are You My Mother?: A comic drama - Alison Bechdel
ISBN: 9780618982509
Publication Date: 2012-05-01
Bechdel's second thrilling tale of filial sleuthery, this time about her mother: voracious reader, music lover, passionate amateur actor. Also a woman, unhappily married to a closeted gay man, whose artistic aspirations simmered under the surface of Bechdel's childhood . . . and who stopped touching or kissing her daughter good night, forever, when she was seven.

Cover Art
The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For - Alison Bechdel
Call Number: GRAPHIC BEC
ISBN: 9780618968800
Publication Date: 2008-11-12
Brings together a new collection of cartoons recounting the lives and loves of a diverse group of lesbian friends.


GLAAD Media Award nominees 2015

Cover Art
Hawkeye: L.A. Woman - Matt Fraction; Javier Pulido (Artist); Annie Wu (Artist)
ISBN: 9780785183907
Publication Date: 2014-10-21
Kate Bishop heads to Los Angeles to get away from New York, life, and Clint Barton - but not away from trouble! Because Madame Masque is hanging out at poolside with the rich and famous as well! As Kate helps a reclusive and Sixties-damaged pop music genius find his lost masterpiece, Madame Masque finds Kate. By which we mean starts trying to kill her again.

Cover Art
Lumberjanes - Noelle Stevenson; Grace Ellis; Brooke; Brooke Allen (Illustrator); Shannon Watters (As told to)
Call Number: J GRAPHIC
ISBN: 9781608866878
Publication Date: 2015-04-07
Friendship to the max! Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley are five best pals determined to have an awesome summer together...and they’re not gonna let any insane quest or an array of supernatural critters get in their way!

Cover Art
Rat Queens - Roc Upchurch (Artist); Kurtis J. Wiebe
ISBN: 9781607069454
Publication Date: 2014-04-08
Who are the Rat Queens? A pack of booze-guzzling, death-dealing battle maidens-for-hire, and they're in the business of killing all god's creatures for profit.

Cover Art
Saga - Brian K Vaughan; Fiona Staples (Artist)
ISBN: 9781632150776
Publication Date: 2014-12-23
The sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the universe. When two soldiers from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old world.


The Gay League: The fan site for gay comics readers and creators. News, articles, profiles, reviews, resources, fan fiction and art, message board, and links.

Prism Comics: A nonprofit organization that supports LGBT comics, creators, and readers. Prism’s goal is to promote the work of LGBT creators, artists, and employees in comics as well as LGBT issues in comics in general. News, articles, interviews, creator profiles, a message board, an online store (heavy on self-published and small press comic books), and links. Look for a Prism booth at larger comics conventions.

ALA's Over the Rainbow Booklist - Annual "best of" bibliographies from the ALA's GLBT Roundtable


    Graphic Novels for Adults

    Cover Art
    Pregnant Butch - A. K. Summers
    ISBN: 9781593765408
    Publication Date: 2014-03-18
    The author explores, in graphic novel memoir format, her adventures of being a butch/dyke and becoming pregnant, while dealing with the stereotypes and judgment of those around her.

    Cover Art
    Kevin Keller: Welcome to Riverdale - Dan Parent
    ISBN: 9781936975235
    Publication Date: 2012-11-20
    The new kid at Riverdale High is blond, cute, and hunky. Smitten, the fickle Veronica turns on the charm but to her consternation gets nowhere. After some good-natured, Archie-style chaos, she and her classmates learn that Kevin is gay. But no problem: Kevin is happy to be BFFs with Veronica while genially buddying with Jughead over their mutual love of food and making friends with the rest of the gang.

    Cover Art
    What Did You Eat Yesterday? - Fumi Yoshinaga
    Call Number: GRAPHIC FIC YOSHI
    ISBN: 9781939130389
    Publication Date: 2014-03-25
    Part comic, part cookbook. In the narrative, a hard-working middle-aged gay couple in Tokyo come to enjoy the finer moments of life through food. After long days at work, Shiro and Kenji will always have down-time together by the dinner table where they can discuss their feelings and enjoy delicately prepared home cooked meals.

    Cover Art
    Julio's Day - Gilbert Hernandez (Artist); Brian Evenson (Introduction by)
    ISBN: 9781606996065
    Publication Date: 2013-04-09
    A graphic novel that begins in the year 1900, with the scream of a newborn, and ends, 100 pages later, in the year 2000, with the death rattle of a 100-year-old man. The infant and the old man are both Julio, in a story in which elliptical, emotional narrative traces one life

    Cover Art
    Batwoman: Elegy - Greg Rucka; J. H. Williams (Illustrator); J. G. Jones (Illustrator)
    Call Number: GRAPHIC RUC
    ISBN: 9781401226923
    Publication Date: 2010-07-06
    Haunted by a family tragedy, Katherine “Kate” Kane fights her own private war as Batwoman. She’s able to save Gotham‚ and her father‚ from a toxic cloud unleashed by a madwoman known as Alice, but the fate of Kate’s long-lost sister hangs in the balance.

    Cover Art
    Stuck Rubber Baby - Howard Cruse (Artist)
    ISBN: 9781401227135
    Publication Date: 2010-06-08
    In the 1960s American South, a young gas-station attendant named Toland Polk is rejected from the Army draft for admitting "homosexual tendencies," and falls in with a close-knit group of young locals yearning to break from the conformity of their hometown through civil rights activism, folk music and upstart communality of race-mixing, gay-friendly nightclubs.

    Cover Art
    Batwoman: Hydrology - J. H. Williams (Artist); W. Hayden Blackman; Amy Reeder (Illustrator)
    Call Number: GRAPHIC WILLI
    ISBN: 9781401234652
    Publication Date: 2012-06-19
    Still disturbed about what happened to her sister (see Elegy volume, under Rucka, above), Batwoman teams up with her cousin Bette, formerly Flamebird from Teen Titans, to investigate a case with a paranormal vibe. Meanwhile, Kate learns that her new girlfriend, Det. Maggie Sawyer, considers Batwoman an enemy for interfering in her cases.

    Cover Art
    Skandalon - Julie Maroh; David Homel (Translator)
    ISBN: 9781551525525
    Publication Date: 2014-10-07
    Controversy and scandal follow charismatic singer and rock icon Tazane wherever he goes, and he soon comes to realize the high cost of fame as he becomes trapped in an endless spiral of self-destruction.

    Cover Art
    Blue Is the Warmest Color - Julie Maroh
    Call Number: GRAPHIC FIC MAROH
    ISBN: 9781551525143
    Publication Date: 2013-09-03
    Blue is the Warmest Color is a graphic novel about growing up, falling in love, and coming out. Clementine, a high school student, has an average life: she has friends, family, and the romantic attention of the boys in her school. When her openly gay best friend takes her out on the town, she wanders into a lesbian bar where she encounters Emma: a punkish, confident girl with blue hair. Their attraction is instant and electric, and Clementine finds herself in a relationship that will test her friends, parents, and her own ideas about herself and her identity

    Cover Art
    The Fifth Beatle - Kyle Baker (Artist); Philip Simon (Editor); Vivek J. Tiwary; Andrew C. Robinson (Artist)
    ISBN: 9781616552565
    Publication Date: 2013-11-19
    Graphic telling of Brian Epstein's life reveals his importance as the gay impresario who managed the Beatles from 1961-1967.

    Cover Art
    The Freddie Stories - Lynda Barry
    ISBN: 9781770460904
    Publication Date: 2013-01-22
    Freddie is the youngest sibling of the idiosyncratic Mullen family. He's an odd, bright, troubled and frequently bullied kid, who in this collection of strips is left emotionally scarred by a brush with the law and the death of a classmate. The Freddie Stories contain some of the darkest and most heartbreaking work Lynda Barry has ever done. Also some of the very finest.

    Cover Art
    Calling Dr. Laura - Nicole J. Georges
    Call Number: GRAPHIC BIOG Georges
    ISBN: 9780547615592
    Publication Date: 2013-01-22
    When Nicole Georges was two years old, her family told her that her father was dead. When she was twenty-three, a psychic told her he was alive. Her sister, saddled with guilt, admits that the psychic is right and that the whole family has conspired to keep him a secret. Sent into a tailspin about her identity, Nicole turns to radio talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger for advice.

    Cover Art
    Rat Queens - Roc Upchurch (Artist); Kurtis J. Wiebe
    Call Number: GRAPHIC FIC WIEBE
    ISBN: 9781607069454
    Publication Date: 2014-04-08
    Who are the Rat Queens? A pack of booze-guzzling, death-dealing battle maidens-for-hire, and they're in the business of killing all god's creatures for profit.

    Cover Art
    Husbands - Ron Chan (Artist); Natalie Nourigat (Artist); M. S. Corley (Artist); Ben Dewey (Artist); Tania del Rio (Artist); Sierra Hahn (Editor); Jane Espenson; Brad Bell
    Call Number: GRAPHIC BELL BRA
    ISBN: 9781616551308
    Publication Date: 2013-03-26
    Husbands tells the story of famous gay newlyweds Brady and Cheeks, who sparked a media firestorm when they woke up legally wed after a drunken Vegas weekend. Now, a mystical wedding gift launches the couple on a series of adventures-- a tongue-in-cheek journey through iconic genre realms-- filled with obstacles that threaten to tear them apart.

    Cover Art
    Wandering Son - Shimura Takako (Artist); Matt Thorn (Translator)
    Call Number: YA GRAPHIC SHIMU
    ISBN: 9781606994160
    Publication Date: 2011-07-19
    A serious yet sweet fifth-grade drama about several boys and girls who want to change their gender. Unlike many manga involving boy/girl reversals, this one does not play gender issues for laughs, even if gentle comedy enters the picture along with serious emotional drama.

    Cover Art
    SuperMutant Magic Academy - Jillian Tamaki
    ISBN: 9781770461987
    Publication Date: 2015-04-28
    SuperMutant Magic Academy is a prep-school for mutants and witches but their paranormal abilities take a back seat to everyday teen concerns. Science experiments go awry, bake sales are upstaged, and the new kid at school is a cat who will determine the course of human destiny.

    Cover Art
    Strangers in Paradise - Terry Moore
    ISBN: 9781892597267
    Publication Date: 2004-08-10
    Katchoo is a beautiful young woman living a quiet life with everything going for her. She's smart, independent and very much in love with her best friend, Francine. Then Katchoo meets David, a gentle but persistent young man who is determined to win Katchoo's heart. The resulting love triangle is a touching comedy of romantic errors until Katchoo's former employer comes looking for her and $850,000 in missing mob money. As her idyllic life begins to fall apart, Katchoo discovers no one can be trusted and that the past she thought she left behind now threatens to destroy her and everything she loves, including Francine.


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