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A Guide to Television Programs at the Library   Tags: classic television, comedy, drama, dvd's, science fiction, television shows, tv  

Categorical listings of a variety of TV shows available for check out at the library.
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House of Lies

Comedy - Drama
TV-MA - 28 Minutes - Showtime

A team of management consultants from a top-tier agency bend and sometimes break the rules to get the client what they want. These morally questionable teammates will do anything to get ahead. Seasons 1-4 available.

Person of Interest

Drama - Action - Crime
TV-14 - CBS
Each episode CIA agents use AI survelliance of civilians to prevent crimes. The details of the crime are left a mystery though. All seasons available.


Drama - Crime - Comedy
TV-14 - 43 Minutes - ABC

A serial killer imitates the murders from a mystery novel series. The author of the series teams up with a detective to find the killer. All seasons available.  



TV-14 - 60 Minutes - Sundance Channel
A man is release after serving 19 years on Death Row after new DNA evidence overturns the confiction. He struggles to adapt to the world on the outside. All seasons available. The final season coming in September.



Action - Crime - Drama
TV-MA - 44 Minutes - FX

A U.S. Marshall is reassigned to the district that includes his home town. He deals out his own brand of justice in rural Kentucky. All seasons available. 

Series Finale

Say It Isn't So
Finales 2016

The TV shows on this page will not be back next fall. All of them were wonderful television programs and will be deeply missed. Thank you for your entertainment. 


Featured Series Finale - The Vampire Diaries

Drama - Fantasy - Horror
TV-14 -  CW
Two vampire brothers come back to their hometown seeking a doppelganger. Soon after their arrival, a group of teens discover they are various supernatural creatures including a witch, werewolf, doppelganger, and vampire hunter. All seasons available.


Drama - Crime - Mystery
TV-14 - BBC
A mondern day Sherlock Holmes and Watson investigate muders in London. All seasons available. 
 There is still hope for a season 5, but things are unsure.

Mike and Molly

TV-14 - 30 Minutes - CBS

A Chicago police officer and fourth grade teacher fall in love after meeting at an overeater's anonymous meeting. Seasons 1-5 available. 

Royal Pains

Drama - Comedy

A brilliant young doctor is wrongly fired and discredited. He lands a position as a concierge doctor in the Hamptons. Proving round the clock home calls to the rich and famous is exactly as annoying as you'd expect it to be. All seasons available.


Scifi - Crime - Drama
TV-14 - 60 Minutes - Syfy
Based on a novel by Stephen King, an orphaned FBI agent is sent to a village in Maine to investigate the criminal activities of prison fugitive. The longer Agent Parker stays in the town, the more supernatural afflictions and secrets she encounters. All seasons available. 

Recent TV Finales

2015/16 Series Finales List

Downton Abbey: 6 Seasons


2014/15 Series Finales List

Sons of Anarchy: 7 seasons           Parenthood: 5 seasons        

Glee: 6 seasons                                        White Collar: 6 seasons

The Newsroom: 3 seasons             Two and a Half Men: 12 seasons

Madmen : 7 seasons                     Nurse Jackie: 7 seasons

The league: 7 seasons                  Parks and Recreation: 7 seasons

Continuum: 4 seasons



Action -Comedy - Crime
TV-MA - 60 Minutes
An ex-con poses as a the murdered sheriff in an Amish Pennsylvania town. With this cozy cover he can continue his criminal activities, but is nevertheless still haunted by his past. Seasons 1-3 available. Season 4 coming in October.

The Good Wife

Drama - Crime - Mystery
TV-14 - 60 Minutes - CBS

A woman must return to work in a law firm to support her family after her attorney husband is sent in prison for a humiliating corruption scandal. All seasons available.


Lost Girl

Scifi - Crime
TV-14 - 60 Minutes - Syfy
Focuses on a renegade supernatural being that is incredibly attractive and charismatic. She is a succubus that feeds off of the energy of humans that can sometimes lead to fatalities. During the course of the show she fights for underdogs and searches for information on her own origins. Seasons 1-4 available



Drama - Adventure
TV-MA 60 Minutes - STARZ
Dramatization of Leonardo Da Vinci's early years in Renaissance Florence. Da Vinci is a 25 year old genius struggling to live within his own time. All seasons available. 

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