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A Guide to Television Programs at the Library   Tags: classic television, comedy, drama, dvd's, science fiction, television shows, tv  

Categorical listings of a variety of TV shows available for check out at the library.
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The Flash

Action - Drama - Scifi
TV-PG - 43 Minutes - CW 
A forensic investigator is struck by lightening during an exhibition gone wrong. When he awakes from a coma, he has super human speed. After learning that others have also gained super human powers from the same accident, The Flash begins fighting crime in Central City. Season 1 and 2 available. For more details on this new show, click here.



Action - Adventure - Crime
TV-14 - 42 Minutes - CW

Billionaire Oliver Queen has been lost at sea for five years. Stranded on an island, he learns the skills that will prepare him for his return to home. Oliver comes home a changed man. Armed with a bow, he is determined to end corruption in his town. Season 1-4 available.


Agents of Shield

Action - Drama - Scifi
TV-PG - 45 Minutes - ABC 
A spin off TV show based off the popular Marvel movies including Iron Man, The Avengers, and Captain America. The show is centered around a team of SHIELD agents and begins after the first Avengers movie. The team investigates strange happenings. For a detailed review click here. Season 1 and 2 available.

Rick and Morty

Action - Comedy
TV-14 - 22 Minutes - Adult Swim
An alcoholic scientist and his grandson travel though dimensions on many misadventures. These exploits cause much trouble for young Morty at home and in school. Seasons 1 and 2 available. 

Action TV Shows

Like the name suggests, Action TV shows contain a lot of action! Action comes in many different forms and that is part of what makes each of these shows unique. From gunfights to burning buildings, the shows on this page will keep you on the edge of your seat. 


Featured Action TV Show

Action - Drama - History
TV-14 - 44 Minutes - History Channel

Set during during the dawn of the Viking Age, the show is based off the life of mythological Norse hero Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. Ragnar is supported by his family and warriors as he rises in power as he raids his way through England. While Vikings is a fictional TV show, it includes plenty of Norse traditions and history. Seasons 1-4 available.

Featured New Action TV Series - Preacher

Action - Drama - Fantasy


An adaptation of the comic books series of the same name. A small town Texan preacher is possessed by a mysterious entity that gives the preacher powers. He sets out on a journey with the assistance of a vampire and a women from his past. Season 1 available.


Featured New Action TV Series - The Librarians

Action - Adventure - Comedy


The adventures of two guys an a girl as they search for and save ancient artifacts. Seasons 1 and 2 available.



Featured New Action TV Series


Action - History - Romance
TV-14 - 60 Minutes - BBC
In 872 the Kingdom of Wessex, led by King Alfred, is fighting the invading Danes. Caught in the midst is a man torn between both sides. While born a native a Wessex, he was stolen as a child and raised with the Danes. Series contains both fictional and historical characters. Season 1 available.  

Featured New Action TV Series

Action - Drama 
Supergirl, Kara,  is the cousin of Superman. For the past decade Kara has been hiding her superpowers. When the show starts off, Kara is forced to learn how to control her powers and start using them. After finding out there are plenty of criminals from her home planet that have been hiding on Earth, she has plenty to keep her busy. Season 1 available. 

Featured New Action TV Series

Action - Adventure - Drama
TV-14 - CW

If you like Arrow and The Flash, you may want to give this spin-off series a try. The hero of this show is Rip Hunter who can time travel. He has traveled back in time and assembled a team of heroes and villains to prevent a catastrophe of the future. Season 1 available. 


Featured New Action Series - Into the Badlands

Action - Drama


Martial arts series about a great warrior and a young boy who cross a dangerous land to find enlightenment. Season 1 available. 


Chicago Fire


Action - Drama
43 Minutes - NBC

 Follows the personal lives and firehouse life and death ventures of the firefighters, paramedics, and rescue squad of Chicago Firehouse 51. Season 1-4 available.


Hawaii Five-O

Action - Crime - Drama
TV-14 42 Minutes CBS

A remake of the hit show that aired from 1968-1980 is also set in Hawaii. The show begins with the govenor of Hawaii setting up and elite task force to solve crime in Hawaii. The task force makes sense because Hawaii does not have a state police force. Each episode begins with a crime and the task force sets our to solve who done it. Seasons 1-6 available.


From Dusk Till Dawn

Action - Crime - Horror
TV-MA - 45 Minutes - El Rey
Based on the same concept as the 1996 movie of the same name. Two brothers rob a bank and several are left dead. They take their fugitives and head for the border. They get stranded at a club full of vampires where they must fight until dawn to survive. Season 1-3 available. 



Action - Crime
TV-14 - 48 Minutes - TNT
An ex special ops agent is now working as a transporter. His job is to get a variety of different objects from point A to B. The series follows the events of the movie trilogy by the same name. Season 1 and 2 available.



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