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A Guide to Television Programs at the Library   Tags: classic television, comedy, drama, dvd's, science fiction, television shows, tv  

Categorical listings of a variety of TV shows available for check out at the library.
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Scifi & Horror Print Page

Falling Skies

Action - Scifi - Thriller
TV-14 - 42 Minutes - TNT
The show begins 6 months after an alien attack. The few human survivors have grouped together outside major cities to fight the aliens that are now accupying Earth. Seasons 1-5 available.

Bates Motel

Horror -Drama - Mystery
TV-MA - 45 Minutes - A&E
Prequel to the movie Psycho. A teenage Norman Bates unravels in this twisted back story. Also prevalent is his intricate relationship with his mother. Seasons 1-3 available. 

Dr. Who

Scifi - Drama - Adventure
TV-PG - 45 Minutes - BBC
Revived version of the series that began in 1963. A 2,000 year old alien called the Doctor travels through space and time via a blue phone booth. He meets various foes and rights wrongs with his traveling companions. Seasons 1-9 available. 

The 100

Scifi - Drama - Mystery
TV-14- 43 Minutes - CW
Nearly a century after nuclear war forced Earth's inhabitants to leave and live in space stations orbiting earth, their life support systems are failing. 100 expendable teens are sent to Earth to see if it is now habitable. The teens must find a way to make a community in this foreign and dangerous place. Seasons 1 - 3 available.

FeaturedNew Scifi Series

Scifi - Drama -Mystery
TV-14 - 42 Minutes - Syfy
In the post-apocalyptic future, a plague has nearly destroyed the human race. A man goes back in time to find the source of the plague and destroy it. Season 1 available. 

Science Fiction and Horror

A TV show is considered science fiction if it is about people, places and/or things that cannot exist in the world as we know it. Many science fiction shows have characters that are from another world or posess special abilities that humans are not known to possess, such as time travel. Sometimes a TV show is set in world that does not exist. Finally there are often times gizmos and gadgets that have not been invented yet and at times seem impossible to conceive. 

A TV show is considered horror if the purpose of the show is to provoke fear in the viewers. Zombies, paranormal, witchcraft and murder are elements often found in this genre. 


Featured Series

Horror- Drama - Thriller
TV-MA - 45 Minutes - AMC
A modern day zombie apocalypse in Georgia. Humans spontaneously start turning into zombies upon death. The local Sheriff and his family must flee from one location to another to stay alive. Seasons 1-6 available.

Featured New Horror Series

Horror - Drama
TV-MA - Canadian Television

Sarah has returned with her husband to her hometown located somewhere in Canada. The family home she will reside in is also the site where both of her parents were murdered on Halloween, 1988. Sarah was born that night and found in the hands of the killer. Upon Sarah's arrival home a series of copycat murders begin. 


Featured New Scifi Series

Scifi - Action
TV-14 - USA

Set in the near future Los Angeles that has become occupied by outside invaders. A family struggles in the aftermath of the invasion while desperately searching for their son. The streets are full of those that are rebelling in the new regime. Season1 available.


Featured New Scifi Series

Scifi - Mystery - Drama
TV-14 - 60 Minutes - Syfy
Set two hundred years in the future. A case to find a missing woman turns into a race across the solar system. A conspiracy threatens Earth's asteroid belt colony. Season 1 available. 

Featured New Scifi Series

Scifi - Thriller
TV-14 - Syfy

A crew of six awaken from stasis on a space ship deep in space. None of them have any memory of who they are or why they are there. They travel through space searching for answer encountering one obstacle after another. Season 1 available. 



Featured New Horror Series

Horror- Drama 
TV-MA - 60 Minutes - AMC
A spin-off series to The Walking Dead. This story takes place on the West Coast during the time the crisis initially begins. Season 1 available. 

Featured New Scifi Series

Scifi - Adventure
TV-14 - MTV

Set in a mythical world called the Four Lands, a group of elves that have been tasked with going on a quest to protect a tree from dying. The tree is holding banished demons from entering the realm. Season 1 available. 



Featured New Scifi Series

Scifi - Horror

A new virus threatens to wipe out all of New York and possibly man kind. When all but 4 passengers on a plane at JFK are killed the CDC is called in to investigate. The virus appears to have ties to vampirism. Season 1 and 2 available.



American Horror Story

Horror - Thriller - Drama
TV-MA - 60 Minutes - FX
Each season is its own twisted universe, using the same actors in different horror stories and settings. Season 1 begins at a house with a murderous history. Seasons 1-4 available.


Scifi - Drama - Horror
TV-14 - 44 Minutes - CW
Two brothers have been trained by their father to hunt and kill supernatural beings. After their father goes missing, the boys set of to track him down. Along the way, one of the brothers begins to develop supernatural abilities somehow related to the demon that killed their mother. Seasons 1-11 available.


Scifi - Drama - Horror
TV-14 - NBC
A homicide detective begins to have visions of supernatural creatures. After a visit from his last living relative, he learns that he is actually a Grimm. As a Grimm, he must keep the balance between mankind and the creatures that he once thought were only fairy tale characters. Seasons 1-5 available.


Scifi - Drama - Action
TV-14 - Syfy
In the year 2046, the Earth has seen many changes. There are new species of plants and animals, and aliens now coexist with humans. The shows follows a local sherrif and his adopted alien daughter in the rebuilt ruins of St. Louis. Season 1-3 available. 

Featured New Scifi Series

Scifi - Drama - Mystery
TV-14 - Fox
A Secret Service agent is sent to a small town in Idaho to investigate the disappearances of two other agents. Once in the town he finds himself unable to leave. Any attempt to escape is punishable by death. Season 1 available. 

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