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Mystery Fiction: Mysteries for Book Clubs

Mysteries as Discussion Books

Mysteries are wonderful to read and they provide readers with a different world to escape to.  However, mysteries are not always the best books to use for a book club discussion.  The titles listed on this page have a certain extra something that makes the book good to use in a discussion group.

List of Mystery Books

1.  Aubert, Rosemary.  Free Reign

2. Bolton, S.J. Sacrifice

3. Burke, James Lee Purple Cane Road

4. Cain, James M. Double Indemnity

5. Carr, Caleb. The Alienist

6. Crombie, Deborah. Dreaming of the Bones

7. Ellroy, James. L.A. Confidential

8. Hammett, Dashiell. The Maltese Falcon

9. Hart, Erin. Haunted Ground

10. James, P.D.  A Taste fro Death

11. Larsson, Stieg. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

12. Liss, David. A Conspiracy of Paper

13. Maron, Margaret. Bootlegger's Daughter

14. McCrumb, Sharyn. If Ever I Return, Pretty Peggy-O

15. Mills, Mark. The Information Officer

16. Neely, Barbara. Blanche on the Lam

17. Sayers, Dortothy. Gaudy Night

18. Tey, Josephine. The Daughter of Time

19. Winspear, Jacqueline. Maisie Dobbs

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