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National History Day: Local Theater/German Theater

Suggested topics based on available primary sources

Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center

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(563) 326-7902



321 N Main Street 

Davenport, IA 52801-1490


Mondays: 9am-8pm

Tue - Sat: 9am-5:30pm

Sundays and Holidays: CLOSED





from our Archive & Manuscripts Collections

1997-28 Broadway Theatre League and Dav Childrens Theater. Posters and programs from productions. 1 OS flat; 1 archive box. Rg. 38 Sec.9

1999-04 Broadway Theatre League playbills and programs. 1 archive box. Rg. 38 Sec.6

2001-22 Adler Theater Restoration. Collection of materials from Kay Runge, who was a member of the Adler Theater board. 2 archive boxes. Rg. 38 Sec. 4

2004-12 Adler Theater. 1988-1989 show press material, group sales, show files. 1 record ctr carton-HEAVY. Rg. 14 Sec. 5