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National History Day: Art/Culture

Suggested topics based on available primary sources

Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center

Location and Hours




(563) 326-7902



321 N Main Street 

Davenport, IA 52801-1490


Mondays: 9am-8pm

Tue - Sat: 9am-5:30pm

Sundays and Holidays: CLOSED





From our Archive and Manuscript Collection

from our Archive & Manuscripts Collections

1998-20 Tri-City Symphony programs. 1916-1946. 2 records center cartons, 1 box. Rg. 38 Sec.8

2001-38 French, Decker, Lischer family history. Genealogy research materials for French, Decker, Munday, Long, Boyer, Miller, Lischer, Morton, Tucker families. 6 binders in 1 carton. Rg. 38 Sec. 3

2005-09 Alice French materials. Photographs and other materials relating to Alice French (Octave Thanet), including inscribed copies of her books. 4 boxes. Rg 42 Sec 3

2004-40 League of Women Voters. 20 cartons, 8 boxes. Rg 42 Sec 9 & 10.




Ephemera – Museums – Davenport Municipal Art Gallery


Catalog of 334 Paintings, the gift of C. A. Ficke. 1925. Print

Davenport Municipal Art Gallery.  ca. 1960's. Leaflet

Visit the new Davenport Municipal Art Gallery. 1962. Flier (C. A. Ficke bust)

Art Mélange. Fall 1964. Flier.

Morris Kantor Retrospective. 03-27 June, 1965. Leaflet.

Davenport Municipal Art Gallery. ca.1960s - ca.1980s. Fliers.

A Presentation for the Davenport Municipal Art Gallery. Howard Braren Associates, Inc.. 1979. Pamphlet

Fury, Joseph M.. Know Your Art Gallery - Art Lecture Series. Fall 1983. Print.

Ephemera – Museums – Davenport Museum of Art


Annual Reports. 1988-1992. Periodical

Biennial Reports. 1998-2003. Periodical

Davenport Museum of Art. 1989. Flier

Exhibition Schedule & Membership Information. 1997. Flier

A Case for Annual Support. 1999. Flier

Special Report. July 1999. Flier. (Short list of architects)

Youth and Adult Classes. 1999-2001. Fliers.

Davenport Museum of Art Newsletter. Summer 2001. Flier

Exhibition Schedule. 2000-2002. Flier

Be a Booster - Support the Davenport Museum of Art. 2001. Flier

Davenport Museum of Art. 2005. Flier. (Coming Soon...Summer 2005)

Ephemera – Museums – Figge Art Museum


The Figge Arts Center. 2003. Leaflet (floorplans)

Quad Cities Press Event. 12 May 2004. Project Fact Sheet

Figge Art Museum - It will change your view - Grand Opening.  06 Aug 2005. Flier

Design Ranch at the Figge Art Museum. 18 Nov 2005. Flier

Teacher Resource Guide. 2005-2006. Pamphlet

The First Year - Thank you to all who made it possible. 2006. Fliers

Dowdy, Clare. Wallpaper* Design Awards - Best Museum. Wallpaper* Feb 2006. Periodical

Deborah Butterfield. Mar-May 2007. Flier

Studio Art Classes. Summer 2007. Pamphlet

Grant Wood. 2009. Flier

Tracks: The Railroad in Photographs. Jan-Apr 2011. Flier

Ephemera – Biography – Ficke, Arthur Davison

Green, William Andon. “A Chat on Arthur Davison Ficke (1883-1945)”. Bulletin of the Society for Japanese Arts and Crafts. Autumn 1983. No. 11 pp.1-12. Print.

Brown, Gladys. “Arthur Davison Ficke and his friends”. Yale University Library Gazette. Jan 1949. Vo. 23 No. 3 pp.140-144. Print.

Ephemera – Biography – French, Alice


Reid, Mary J. “The Theories of Octave Thanet and Other Western Realists”. The Midland Monthly. 9.2 (Feb 1898):pp. 99-108.  Print.

Thanet, Octave. “The Grateful Reporter”. McClure’s Magazine. Vol. 9 (Oct 1897): pp. 1089-1097. Print.

Thanet, Octave. “The Conscience of Alderman McGinnis”. McClure’s Magazine. Vol. 11 (July 1898): pp. 287-296. Print.

Thanet, Octave. “The Peace Offering”. McClure’s Magazine. Vol. 11 (Sep 1898): pp. 458-468. Print.

Thanet, Octave. “Max – Or His Picture”. Scribner’s Magazine. Vol. 26 (Dec 1899): pp. 739-750. Print.

Kunitz, Stanley. American Authors 1600-1900: a Biographical Dictionary. New York: H. W. Wilson, 1938: p. 291. Print.

“Alice French gained fame writing:  portraits of a noted authoress at different periods of life”. Newspaper clippings, nd.

Ephemera – Biography – Glaspell, Susan


“’Allison’s House’ Iowa born Susan Glaspell’s Pulitzer Prize winning drama of 1930”. Des Moines Register and Tribune. 1931. Print. (clipping)

“A jury of her peers by Susan Glaspell”. An Anthology of Famous American Stories. Ed. Angus Burrell and Bennett Cerf. 816-834. Print.

“Glaspell, Susan. July 1, 1882 –“.  Twentieth Century Authors. 1942. 541. Print.

“Miss Glaspell dies; Pulitzer Prize winner”. Des Moines Tribune. 27 Jul 1948. Print.

“Susan Glaspell is leading spirit of a little theater”. Des Moines Register. 26 Sep 1920. Print.

“Susan Glaspell’s rites are Friday”. Des Moines Tribune. 28 Jul 1948. Print.

“Susan Glaspell”. Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame. 1976. Print (flier)

“Susan Glaspell”. Iowans in Ink. Iowa City Press, 18 Mar 1935. Print.

Andrews, Clarence and Noe, Marcia. “Susan Glaspell of Davenport”. The Iowan. Sum 1977. Print.

Andrews, Clarence. A literary history of Iowa. Iowa Press, 1972. Print.

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Twentieth Century Authors. Ed. Stanley J. Kunitz. Wilson: 1955. 369. Print

Warfel, Harry. American Novelists of Today. 174-5. Print.

IOWA BIB - IA History & Culture Online Bibliography

Davenport Municipal Art Gallery - Books from the RiverShare Catalog

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