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A Guide to Television Programs at the Library: Crime

Categorical listings of a variety of TV shows available for check out at the library.

Chicago P.D.

Drama - Action
TV-14 - 45 Minutes - NBC

Follow Chicago P.D. district 21's two different police groups, uniformed cops and the intelligence unit. Explore how each sector fights crime in Chicago. Seasons 1 - 4 available. 


Drama - Crime - Mystery 
TV-14 - 60 Minutes - BBC

A brilliant murder detective solves high profile crimes. His work often consumes him to a dangerous degree. Seasons 1-4 available. 

Blue Bloods

Drama - Crime
TV-14 - 45 Minutes - CBS
Centers around a NYC family prominent in the law world. The Reagans include the Police Comissioner, the Assistant District Attorney, a senior detective, and a Harvard law grad  turned cop. The group defends the city from harm. Seasons 1-7 available.  

Hawaii Five-O

Action - Crime - Drama
TV-14 42 Minutes CBS

A remake of the hit show that aired from 1968-1980 is also set in Hawaii. The show begins with the govenor of Hawaii setting up and elite task force to solve crime in Hawaii. The task force makes sense because Hawaii does not have a state police force. Each episode begins with a crime and the task force sets our to solve who done it. Seasons 1-7 available.


Drama - Mystery - Thriller
TV-MA - 55 Minutes - Showtime

A prisoner of war is released after 8 years of captivity. While many think he is a hero, there is one CIA agent that suspects he has been turned by his captors. Seasons 1-6 available.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Comedy - Crime
TV-14 - 22 Minutes - Fox
Set in NYC fictional 99th police precinct. Follows a team of detectives and their new stern Captain. The Captain often butt heads with one of the young and talented detectives. Seasons 1-4 available. For a review click here.


Action -Comedy - Crime
TV-MA - 60 Minutes
An ex-con poses as a the murdered sheriff in an Amish Pennsylvania town. With this cozy cover he can continue his criminal activities, but is nevertheless still haunted by his past. Seasons 1-4 available. 

New - Marcella

Crime - Drama - Mystery


Marcella left the force to save her marriage. After her husband leaves her, she returns to the murder squad. Her first case is investigating a serial killer. Season 1 available. 

New - The Catch

Crime - Drama - Thriller


Alice Vaughan is an investigator that specializes in exposing fraud in word-class criminals. When she finds out her fiancee is really a conman, she out for payback. Season 1 available. 

New - Bull

Crime - Drama - Comedy

TV-14 - CBS

Inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw. Dr. Jason Bull heads a trial analyst firm that helps lawyers choose jurors and determine what arguments to present. Season 1 available. 


New - Lethal Weapon

Action - Crime - Drama

TV-14 - Fox

Based off of the hit movie series. A young, wild detective is partnered with a veteran detective. Season 1 available. 


Animal Kingdom

Crime - Drama
A seventeen year old boy is sent to California to live with estranged relatives after his mother dies of an overdose. These relatives have assorted issues and criminal activities among them. Season 1 and 2 available. 


Drama - Crime - Mystery
TV-14 - ABC

At the FBI Quantico Base in Virginia, the best and brightest recruits train. Among them is a sleeper terrorist. This series is full of conspiracies and suspense. Season 1 available.


New - Angie Tribeca

Comedy - Crime - Mystery
TV-14 - TBS

This isn't your ordinary crime show. Angie is a detective for the LAPD working on the RHCU or Really Heinous Crimes Unit. The show is a parody of the tradition police procedural show. Season 1 available. 




Drama - Crime - Biography
TV-MA - Netflix

Based on the life of Pablo Escobar, a Colombian drug lord. Escobar made billions in the drug industry. The show is set in Columbia and follows Escobars dealings with the DEA, other drug lords, and opponents of his business. Season 1 and 2 available. 



Drama - Mystery - Crime
TV-14 - NBC

A woman is discovered in Times Square with no memory of who she is. Her body is covered in a series of tattoos, one of which includes the name of and FBI agent. They soon discover the tattoos on her body are different crimes to be solved. Season 1 and 2 available. 


New - Quarry

Crime - Drama - Thriller
TV-MA - Cinemax

                  A Vietnam War Vet comes home in 1972 and is offered a job as a hit man. Season 1 available.                                                                                   





Drama - Crime 
TV-14 - 43 Minutes - NBC
A homocide detective in  the 1960's who seeks to infiltrate the growing circle of followers to the infamous real life Charles Manson. By teaming up with a young cop, he is able to get inside information on Manson as he recruits vulnerable young men and women for his cause. Season 1 and 2 available. 

Better Call Saul

Drama - Crime 
TV-14 - 47 Minutes - AMC
A spin off of the TV series Breaking Bad is actually a prequel to the show. It takes place six years before Saul's character is first introduced on Breaking Bad. On Breaking Bad, Saul plays a small time lawyer for characters Walter and Jessie. In this new show, we see Saul as a beginning criminal attorney. Season 1 - 3 available. 


TV-MA - 50 Minutes - Starz

A wealthy NYC nightclub owner leads a double life as the kingpin of the largest drug network in the city. His family is soon threatened as he tries to leave his criminal life behind. Seasons 1 - 3 available. 

Person of Interest

Drama - Action - Crime
TV-14 - CBS
Each episode CIA agents use AI survelliance of civilians to prevent crimes. The details of the crime are left a mystery though. All seasons available.


Crime - Drama - Mystery


The body of an eleven year old boy is found on a beach in a small coastal town. Detectives Ellie Miller and Alec Hardy are sent to investigate. A media frenzy ensues and the town begins to fall apart. Season 1-3 available. 

Criminal Minds

Drama - Crime - Mystery
TV-14 - 43 Minutes - CBS

Unit subsection of the FBI is called in on to solve crimes where the perpetrator is unknown. The team uses human profiling to find the criminal. Seasons 1-12 available. 

How to Get Away With Murder

Drama - Crime - Mystery
TV-14 - ABC
 A criminal defense attorney chooses a group of students to intern at her law firm. The group become entangled in the murders of her husband and his lover. Season 1 an 2 available. 


Drama - Crime - Mystery
TV-14 - 43 Minutes - NBC

A criminal that has been on the FBI's top 10 most wanted list for 20 years turns himself in. He offers to help the FBI uncover plots and find criminals that have alluded the FBI for years. Though he insists on only working with the new female FBI profiler. Season 1 -4 available. 



Action - Crime
TV-14 - 48 Minutes - TNT
An ex special ops agent is now working as a transporter. His job is to get a variety of different objects from point A to B. The series follows the events of the movie trilogy by the same name. Season 1 and 2 available.



Drama - Crime - Comedy
TV-14 - 43 Minutes - ABC

A serial killer imitates the murders from a mystery novel series. The author of the series teams up with a detective to find the killer. All seasons available.  


Action - Crime - Drama
TV-MA - 44 Minutes - FX

A U.S. Marshall is reassigned to the district that includes his home town. He deals out his own brand of justice in rural Kentucky. All seasons available.