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A Guide to Television Programs at the Library: Scifi

Categorical listings of a variety of TV shows available for check out at the library.


Action - Drama - Scifi


A young man diagnosed with schizophrenia discovers he has special powers that will change his life. Season 1 available.

Falling Skies

Action - Scifi - Thriller
TV-14 - 42 Minutes - TNT
The show begins 6 months after an alien attack. The few human survivors have grouped together outside major cities to fight the aliens that are now accupying Earth. Seasons 1-5 available.

The 100

Scifi - Drama - Mystery
TV-14- 43 Minutes - CW
Nearly a century after nuclear war forced Earth's inhabitants to leave and live in space stations orbiting earth, their life support systems are failing. 100 expendable teens are sent to Earth to see if it is now habitable. The teens must find a way to make a community in this foreign and dangerous place. Seasons 1 - 5 available.

Dr. Who

Scifi - Drama - Adventure
TV-PG - 45 Minutes - BBC
Revived version of the series that began in 1963. A 2,000 year old alien called the Doctor travels through space and time via a blue phone booth. He meets various foes and rights wrongs with his traveling companions. Seasons 1-10 available. 



Drama - Scifi - Thriller

TV-14 - CBS

MIT student Liam Cole discovers an asteroid is going to hit the Earth in 186 days. He joins a billionaire and the government to try to stop it. Season 1 available. 



Scifi - Action
TV-14 - USA

Set in the near future Los Angeles that has become occupied by outside invaders. A family struggles in the aftermath of the invasion while desperately searching for their son. The streets are full of those that are rebelling in the new regime. Season 1 and 2 available.




Drama - Scifi
TV-14 - 42 Minutes - AMC

Set in the present time, very human like robots are being purchased by families to work as robotic servants. Season 1 and 2 available. 


Rick and Morty


Action - Comedy
TV-14 - 22 Minutes - Adult Swim
An alcoholic scientist and his grandson travel though dimensions on many misadventures. These exploits cause much trouble for young Morty at home and in school. Seasons 1 -3 available. 



Scifi - Crime - Drama
TV-14 - 60 Minutes - Syfy
Based on a novel by Stephen King, an orphaned FBI agent is sent to a village in Maine to investigate the criminal activities of prison fugitive. The longer Agent Parker stays in the town, the more supernatural afflictions and secrets she encounters. All seasons available. 

The Strain

Scifi - Horror

A new virus threatens to wipe out all of New York and possibly man kind. When all but 4 passengers on a plane at JFK are killed the CDC is called in to investigate. The virus appears to have ties to vampirism. Season 1 -4 available.



Scifi - Mystery - Drama
TV-14 - Syfy
Set two hundred years in the future. A case to find a missing woman turns into a race across the solar system. A conspiracy threatens Earth's asteroid belt colony. Season 1-3 available. 



Scifi - Drama - Action
TV-14 - Syfy
In the year 2046, the Earth has seen many changes. There are new species of plants and animals, and aliens now coexist with humans. The shows follows a local sherrif and his adopted alien daughter in the rebuilt ruins of St. Louis. Season 1-3 available. 

Lost Girl


Scifi - Crime
TV-14 - 60 Minutes - Syfy
Focuses on a renegade supernatural being that is incredibly attractive and charismatic. She is a succubus that feeds off of the energy of humans that can sometimes lead to fatalities. During the course of the show she fights for underdogs and searches for information on her own origins. All seasons available.


Sci-Fi - Drama - Thriller


A UN employee discovers his agency guards the gateway to a parallel dimension where the other version of him is a top spy. Season 1 available. 


Scifi - Action
TV-MA  Syfy

Somewhere in outer space, a trio of bounty hunters known as Killjoys hunt deadly warrants. In an area known as the Quad, a class war among multiple planets is brewing. Season 1 - 3 available. 

Dark Matter

Scifi - Thriller
TV-14 - Syfy

A crew of six awaken from stasis on a space ship deep in space. None of them have any memory of who they are or why they are there. They travel through space searching for answer encountering one obstacle after another. Season 1 - 3 available. 




Scifi - Drama - Horror
TV-14 - NBC
A homicide detective begins to have visions of supernatural creatures. After a visit from his last living relative, he learns that he is actually a Grimm. As a Grimm, he must keep the balance between mankind and the creatures that he once thought were only fairy tale characters. All Seasons available.

12 Monkeys

Scifi - Drama -Mystery
TV-14 - 42 Minutes - Syfy
In the post-apocalyptic future, a plague has nearly destroyed the human race. A man goes back in time to find the source of the plague and destroy it. Season 1 and 2 available.