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A Guide to Television Programs at the Library: Comedy

Categorical listings of a variety of TV shows available for check out at the library.

Broad City

TV-14 - 22 Minutes - COMEDY CENTRAL
TV show follows the lives of two twenty somthing women living in New York City. Events that transpire in their lives are meaningless, yet hytsterical. Seasons 1-4 available. 

Jane the Virgin

TV-14 - 60 Minutes - CW
Jane is a young women that is very religious and saving herself for marriage. She becomes pregnant after her doctor accidentally artificially inseminates her. The donor turns out to be her boss and teenage crush. Season 1 available. For more details on this new show, click here.


Comedy - Drama

TV-14 - 44 Minutes - USA

A genius college drop out with a photographic memory is on the run after a drug deal gone bad. He is hired by a heartless, cold-blooded lawyer that happens to be one of the best New York attorneys. Together they make a winning team. Season 1-6 available. 

Modern Family

TV-PG - 22 Minutes - ABC

Explores the various kinds of 'modern families' including a gay couple with an only child, a straight couple with three children, and a multicultural family. All three families are part of Dutch documentary that will air as a reality TV series. Seasons 1-8 available. 


Comedy - Drama
TV-MA - 46 Minutes - Showtime
Five kids, ages two-fifteen are being raised by their teenage sister in South-side Chicago. Their drunkard father comes and goes, and their mother has been absent on another one of her manic misadventures than can last from weeks to months. Seasons 1-5 available.  

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

TV-14 - Netflix

A woman is rescued after living in an undergroun bunker for fifteens years with a doomsday cult. She moves to New York City to start her new life. However many obstacles are put in her way. Season 1 and available. 


Comedy - Drama - Sport

A dramatization of life inside the NFL. A recently retired football player turns mentor to fellow retirees and current ball players. Cameos by real NFL players are frequent with actual NFL teams referenced. Season 1 and 2 available. 

New - The Good Place

Comedy - Drama - Fantasy


Eleanor enters the afterlife and is accidentally send to the Good Place instead of the Bad Place where he belongs. She is determined to shed her old ways and remained undiscovered. Season 1 available. 


New - Baskets

Comedy - Drama


Chip Baskets wants to be a French Clown. After failing out of a prestigious French clown college, he moves back home and works as a rodeo clown. Season 1 available.

New - Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Comedy - Musical

TV-14 - CW

A successful lawyer gives up her partnership at a New York law firm to go looking for love and happiness. She winds up in Corvina California. Season 1 available.

New - Superstore

TV-14 - NBC

Show focuses on the different kinds of staff working at a large retail store. From new hires to lifers, this store has all kinds. Watch them as they go through the daily grind of working in retail. Season 1 available.

New - Graves


TV - MA - Epix

25 years after serving a 2-term presidency, President Richard Graves seeks to right the wrongs of his administration that have damaged the country for decades. Season 1 available. 



New - Last Man on Earth

Comedy - Romance - Action
TV-14 - 30 Minutes - Fox
In the not too distant future, there appears to be only one man left on Earth to have survived a deadly virus. After two years of lonliness, he is ready to give. Just when he cannot take another day, he finds another person. Slowly more survivors trickle in to Tuscan, Arizona. Season 1 available. 

New- Divorce


The drawn out stages of what inevitably results in divorce. A couple with two kids goes through a long divorce. 



New - Insecure


Two best friends that face the challenges of being black women that defy the stereotype. They navigate their professional and personal lives in Los Angeles. Season 1 available. 


New - Casual

TV-MA - 25 Minutes - Hulu

Newly divorced mother moves in with her bachelor brother. Together they try to raise her teenage daughter while navigating the dating world themselves. Season 1 available. 


Comedy - Drama
TV-MA - 30 Minutes - HBO

Show centers around four twenty something girlfriends living in New York City. Each has their own unique personality, but are universally clueless and egotistical as one personal drama after another transpires. All seasons available.  

Mike and Molly

TV-14 - 30 Minutes - CBS

A Chicago police officer and fourth grade teacher fall in love after meeting at an overeater's anonymous meeting. Seasons 1-5 available. 

House of Lies

Comedy - Drama
TV-MA - Showtime

A team of management consultants from a top-tier agency bend and sometimes break the rules to get the client what they want. These morally questionable teammates will do anything to get ahead. All seasons available.

Orange is the New Black

Comedy - Crime - Drama
TV-MA - 55 Minutes - Netflix
A woman in her thirties, in the prime of her life is sentenced to 15 months in prison for a decade old crime. The series follows her prison adventures, fellow inmates, and her attempts to stay connected with her old life on the outside. Seasons 1-4 available. 

The Big Bang Theory

TV-14 - 22 Minutes - CBS

Random events in the lives of two physicists and a waitress living across the hall from each other in Pasadena, California.  Season's 1-10 available.

Two Broke Girls

TV-14 - 22 Minutes - CBS

Two women from different worlds find themselves working at the same diner. Despite their opposite upbringing both women need a way to pay the bills. They come up with a joint business plan. The only catch is they need $250,000 to get it started. All seasons available.

Comedy Bang! Bang!

Comedy - Talk Show
TV-14 - 30 Minutes - IFC

Is a parody of talk shows. Each episode features host, guest, and comedic songs. Off beat and a little strange in its humor. You love it or you don't. Seasons 1-3 available. 

The Middle

TV-PG - 30 Minutes - ABC

Day to day struggles of a working class family living in a small fictional town in Pennsylvania. The married couple are raising three very different children. Season 1-8 available. 

New Girl

TV-14 - 30 Minutes - Fox

After a breakup, a young quirky school teacher must find a new place to live. She moves in to a loft with three very different single guys. A law school drop-out, flashy businessman, and a former athlete make up the trio that do their best to live with this new girl and each other. Seasons 1-5 available.


TV-MA - 28 Minutes - HBO

A female senator is asked to serve as Vice President of the U.S. She accepts and soon learns that it is nothing like she thought it would be. The Veep and her team do their best not to get tripped up in politics while doing long lasting work. Seasons 1-6 available. 

Grace and Frankie

TV-MA - Netflix

Two women find out that their husbands, who are also business partners, have been romantically involved with each other for the past twenty years. Together they try to cope with the shared circumstance. Seasons 1 and 2 available.