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Romance Subgenres : Something for Everyone!: Inspirational Romance

Love is Inspirational!

An inspirational romance is a story in which the religious or spiritual beliefs of the main characters are a crucial part of the central relationship.

Although the term "inspirational romance" is often used as a synonym for Christian romance, there are also romances centered around Islam, Judiasm, Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, Vodou, and other belief systems.  The point is that the characters' religious or spiritual beliefs guide them throughout the story (even if they struggle a bit), eventually leading them to their Happily ever After.

Many inspirational romances are set in traditional, belief-centered communities. such as the Amish:

Others can be rooted in Biblical history:

And still others have contemporary settings.  Inspirational romances have proved popular enough that several publishers have given them their own serial lines:

Although these books are often mild--especially the serial lines--some do explore the physical aspects of a loving relationship.

How Do You Find What You Want Where You Want It?

One of the best things about the RiverShare online catalog is the Search Options feature: it helps you pinpoint exactly what you want, exactly where you want it!

Say you're in the mood to read a good Inspirational romance between Jewish characters, and you'll be near our Main Street library today.

No problem!

Go to our online catalog and click on  "Search" and "Keyword".

Underneath the search window, click on "Search Options"

In the Libraries window, scroll down and select "Davenport Main Street Library".

In the Collections window, scroll down and select "Romance".

Click the Set Search Options button on the bottom left.

Type "Judaism" in the search window and click Go!