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Romance Subgenres : Something for Everyone!: Historical Romance

Love is Timeless

Romance novels set in any historical time period, in which that time period has an important impact to the story.

The definition of "historical time period" can be tricky, especially for romance readers who remember the second World War.  But here in the early 21st Century, publishers (those whippersnappers) consider 1950 the rule-of-thumb cut off for historical novels.  The 1960s might be included, depending on how important the setting is to the plot, but the Vietnam War is still considered contemporary.

The most popular historical romances are Regencies--which are set in the early 19th Century, most often in England.  Think Dukes and vicar's daughters and reputation and scandals:


But there are thousands of yearsof accumulated history to choose from, and hundreds of different places, too:

It's a point of historical interest, how many men went shirtless over the centuries, isn't it?

But no matter what time period is your personal favorite, you can learn a lot from historical romances:

How Do You Find What You Want Where You Want It?

One of the best things about the RiverShare online catalog is the Search Options feature: it helps you pinpoint exactly what you want, exactly where you want it!

Say you're in the mood to read a good romance set in 15th Century Scotland---Hooray for Highlanders!---and you'll be near our Eastern Avenue branch today.

No problem!

Go to our online catalog and click on  "Search" and "Keyword".

Underneath the search window, click on "Search Options"

In the Libraries window, scroll down and select "Davenport Eastern Avenue Branch".

In the Collections window, scroll down and select "Romance".

Click the Set Search Options button on the bottom left.

Type "Scotland 15th" (or Highlander) in the search window and click Go!