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Romance Subgenres : Something for Everyone!: Cross-Genres?!

Go Ahead: Cross the Streams!

Cross-Genres are novels that combine the essential elements of two or more subgenres into a single story.

Like bacon truffles and salted caramel, the most delicious combinations of subgenres can seem farfetched.  But cross-genres prove that love CAN conquer all and that there really is something for everyone:

Paranormal Historical Romance? 

No problem:

Paranormal thriller romance?

No problem:

Inspirational vampire steampunk western?  

 . . .  Um, not that we know of.  But it's only a matter of time!

Why not try your own combinations in our catalog?  The sidebar will show you how!

How Do You Find What You Want Where You Want It?

One of the best things about the RiverShare catalog is that you can adjust your search in so many ways!

Say you're in the mood to read a good romance, you like stories that have ghosts and knitting in them, and you'll be near our Eastern Avenue branch today.

No problem!

Go to our catalog and click on  "Search" and "Keyword".

Underneath the search window, click on "Search Options"

In the Libraries window, scroll down and select "Davenport Easern Avenue Branch".

In the Collections window, scroll down and select "Romance".

Click the Set Search Options button on the bottom left.

Type "knitting and ghosts" in the search window and click Go!